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Climate Change Relation To Sustainability Writing Assignment - 1650 Words

Climate Change Relation To Sustainability Writing Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: Climate ChangeNameInstitutional AffiliationClimate changeAbstractClimate change affects the sustainability of the environment as it is tied to the activities that are taking place in said environment. A lot can be done to improve the sustainability if climate change with regard to pollution control and awareness. There many ways to ensure the future of this sustainability. Technological advancements can be implemented to reduce the pollution as well as control filtration of harmful substances to the environment.IntroductionClimate change is defined as the change in weather pattern occurrence. The change is attributed to continuous pollution of the environment with harmful substances which interfere with the climatic atmosphere. The consequences of these actions are severe and alter the climate distribution pattern throughout the year. This is witnessed when rains delay by a month or more thus extending into the other weather patterns occurrence period. These have deva stating impacts on the environment since it experiences an extended period which may cause a lot of damage it terms of natural resources destruction. Global warming has been as a result of climatic changes. CITATION Joh08 \l 2057 (Campbell, 2008)Climate change relation to sustainabilityThe climatic changes relate to sustainability in that they are responsible for creating conducive environmental conditions that ensure continuity and sustainability of life in the environment. Weather conditions create prime conditions in the environment that support and improve life.Climate change effect no environmental sustainabilityClimate change affects the environmental sustainability in that the changes in climate affect the environments natural resources. These natural resources make sustainability possible in the environment. They include forest cover, land water sources and food sources whether crops or animals and birds. The changes in climate can affect whether or not the natural resource s will thrive or be destroyed. A good example is during drought seasons where food crops and animals die due to lack of water and food. CITATION Mic06 \l 2057 (Redclift, 2006)Climate change impact on social sustainabilitySocial sustainability is the general welfare of an individual and a community, living in a society that is accommodating and life supporting. The climate changes impact the social sustainability in a sort of chain reaction. This occurs when the climate changes occurring affect the environments capability to sustain the people living in that same environment. A good example is when rains increase the volume of water present in an environment allowing farming activities, domestic utility and livestock farming. A dairy farmer will have plenty of food and water to give to the livestock which will then increase in production of milk, thus translate to more sales, more income and an improvement of the individual and community living standards and give rise to infrastruct ure and development such as roads, schools hospitals among others. CITATION Joh08 \l 2057 (Campbell, 2008)Steps to improve sustainability brought by climate changeIt is necessary to state that climate change is affected by the activities being carried out in an environment. This being said in order to improve; pollution has to be controlled so as positively impact on the environment and subsequently climatic change. These improvements can be achieved through;Recycling the main cause of pollution in the environment is dumping of used materials and products which led to a built up of waste products in the environment. Through recycling, the amount of waste disposed is reduced thus reducing the impact of the pollution that comes from dumping of waste into the environment.Particulate control this is mostly used in factories where cyclone collectors filter solid particles from gases being emitted into the environment. This prevents harmful substances from being released into the environ ment thus reducing air pollution which greatly impacts the atmosphere causing changes climatic patterns and conditions. CITATION Hor11 \l 2057 (Velasquez, 2011)Treatment of liquid waste this is implemented to industries that dispose their waste in liquid form. By treating their wastes, they reduce the harmful substances impact on the environment and marine life. This reduces the amount and severity of pollutants rising to the atmosphere through evaporation. This method works both to control water and air pollution.Utilizing clean energy clean energy is a form of energy that does not pollute the environment and is renewable as it cannot be depleted. These sources of energy include, hydroelectric power, wind turbine energy, solar energy tidal energy among others. By using this natural energy sources, the use of fossil fuel is greatly reduced. Burning fossil fuels results in emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. This leads to air pollution and also causes health complicatio ns to people.Proper waste management proper waste management improves the climate of an environment by reducing the damage caused by poor waste disposal of untreated harmful pollutants into the environment. By practising proper waste disposal, the environment is not polluted by harmful substances which in turn prevent alterations in climatic conditions. CITATION Lou11 \l 2057 (Gerdes, 2011)Future potential for the Climate sustainabilityThe future potential for sustainability of climate is very much guaranteed. This is due to the fact that information has been spread at a global level and as a resulted crated awareness of the issues relating to the environment and the impact it has on climate change. People across the world are now understanding these issues well and are taking precautions and implementing changes into their lifestyles in order to prevent any further pollution of the environment. People are now practising recycling at a global level and they are choosing to go the g reen way which involves using of environmental friendly products and services.The future is as well promised by the fact that there are new technologies and innovations being used which are environmental friendly that reduce emission of harmful substances into the environment. These innovations are replacing the previous machines and equipment which were being used, with newer, effective and environmental friendly machines. With the current fast growing advancements occurring in the technology industry, there is bound to be an improvement of these environmental friendly products into more efficient ones. A good example is the innovation that took the world by shock, the electric car, which runs purely on electricity. They are known as hybrids, they have greatly reduced pollution by utilisation of clean energy. CITATION Hor11 \l 2057 (Velasquez, 2011)Recovering of previously termed inhabitable land. Currently, people are trying to recover land for farming in areas which are not natu rally ideal for farming. These is been made possible by private and government institution digging borehole and building dams to provide a sustainable water sources which can be used to irrigate crops and vegetation planted in those areas. These activities are not limited to crops but spread to all aspects of vegetation among them trees which are being planted to restore these arid areas. Also it is important to state that the seeds being used have been genetically modified to survive in extreme conditions. CITATION Joh08 \l 2057 (Campbell, 2008)The future for the sustainability of climate is also guaranteed with the current existing laws that protect the environment against pollution and depletion of natural resources. Laws against pollution have been established and are being used to...

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