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Understanding Alzheimers Disease Essay -- Alzheimers Disease Essays

I remember the days when my granny knot would be the one pickings care of me after school. Each and every school day, I would eagerly wait for school to end so that my grandma could come and pick me up to bring me back to her apartment. Each and every day, she would come 15 minutes after school had ended to avoid the hassle of dealing with all the parents approach path at the same time to pick their kids up. I didnt mind though, that gave me time to talk to my teachers about issues that I had or just to socialize with my friends. erst my grandma arrived, I would quickly drop what I was doing, say goodbye to whomever I was talking to, and go straight to the car to keep my grandma from waiting. My grandma would immediately greet me and ask how my day was. During the car rides, she would listen to my little rants and issues that I would have from time to time and give me advice for it. One of the things that she would always regularize me was that life is too short to be mad. I too k everything my grandma told me to heart and always learned from the things that she said. After we got back to her apartment, my grandma would always pull wires my instant noodles just the way I liked them. There was a special ingredient that she would always add that made the noodles better than anyone else could ever befool for me. After eating, my grandma would then help me with my homework and make sure I understand the homework. Shed always make it easy to understand by comparing the problems in the homework with real life situations that I already understand. Shed explain simple addition and subtraction problems with my legos to make it easier for me to see and understand. one time my homework was finished with for the day, my grandma would let me watch TV or play with me. S... Web. 6 June 2015. seniorly Companion Care. Senior Home Care & Elder Care Services. Web. 3 June 2015. Home Safety and Alzheimers. Alzheimers Association. Web. 08 June 2015. Homemaker Services. ASA Services. Web. 6 June 2015. Incontinence. Alzheimers Association. Web. 6 June 2015. In-Home Health Care. Alzheimers Association. Web. 6 June 2015.Mabel Ha. Personal interview. 27 Nov. 2013. Macgill, Markus. What Is Alzheimers Disease? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment. Medical News Today. MediLexicon International, 31 July 2009. Web. 1 June 2015. Personal Services. Home Instead. Web. 6 June 2015.Saison, Joanna, Doug Russell, and Monika White. A Guide to Nursing Homes. Skilled Nursing Facilities and Convalescent Homes. Web. 4 June 2015.

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Matilda :: Essays Papers

MatildaSquinting her eyes and concentrating truly hard, Matilda managed to tip the glass of water over onto Miss Trunchbull, this being besides the beginning of what was to happen next with her new found powers. Matilda, by Roald Dahl was creative and fun. I recommend it to anyone who is in for a little youthful adventure. It tells the level of a little girl with a horrible life. Her p atomic number 18nts have no interest in her, and the Headmistress at her school is monstrous. Matilda deals with her problems by reading and learning mathematics. She is very bright and clever for a five year old. She soon discovers that she is able to move objects with her mind alone.Matildas parents are Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. Being completely involved in the Tele, Mrs. Wormwood pays no attention to Matilda and what she has to say about anything. Mr. Wormwood, on the other hand, does nothing for Matilda except chastise her every move. Feeling unloved, Matilda turns to reading to keep her busy. Thinking that books are stupid, Mr. Wormwood calls her stupid and foolish for wasting her time on such things. Despite the verbal abuse from her parents, Matilda continues with her interests and does what she can to get back at her father for perpetually denouncing her. For instance, she replaced his hair tonic with her mothers hair dye, causing Mr. Wormwoods hair to be turned a platinum blonde.On her scratch line daytime of school, Matildas teacher Miss Honey becomes very interested in her abilities, wondering where the child picked up such an ability to solve complicated numeric equations and read such great novels for a child her age. Miss Honey is a petite woman. She is timid towards her aunt, Miss Trunchbull, but can handle the first semester kids very well. Miss Trunchbull, a large intimidating woman, is very cold at heart. She was suspected of rubbing off Miss Honeys father, Dr. Honey, and bad a will that gave her his hall and left nothing for Miss Jennifer Honey. When Matilda was told about this, she became enthralled in helping out Miss Jennifer Honey with getting her house back.One day in class, the atrocious Miss Trunchbull was yelling at everyone because there was a newt in her water. She, of course, blamed the whole milestone on Matilda, who was innocent.

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Focus Essay -- Biology Essays Research Papers

FocusEveryone has problems concentrating once in a while, moments when the words on the page dont seem nearly as interesting as ones let thoughts. Most everyone has days when they feel an unexplained burst of exuberance or restlessness . Maybe it was a promotion or a messy disturb up, but the work just wouldnt get done and not for lack of trying. Now imagine everyday like this, every day filled with frenetic energy that cannot seem to be channeled into anything productive. Sure it might be fun for a while, but what about when you really need to get something done and it doesnt happen. You go to clean your room, and six hours later there are still piles of clothing on the floor. You cant recall what it is that youve been doing all afternoon. All you know is that nothing got done. You go to read a book, but the words dissolve into marks on the page, patterns which make no logical sense, providing only the background for another means of agaze off into space. You go to visit a frien d, but she quickly tires of the way you seem to constantly interrupt her. You were listening to what she said, but you just got ahead of her in some manner and started talking over her. You find yourself depressed and isolated. This is the world of someone who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. (1,2) According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association as the main set of guidelines for diagnosing mental disorders in the USA, there are four main subtypes of ADHD inattentive, active/impulsive, combined, and not otherwise specified. The symptomology of each include 1. ADHD-Inattentive* a. Fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mi... ...s not necessarily all bad. By socialise a greater range of stimuli, ADHD can make the person seem more creative and free thinking. Nevertheless, lacking the ability to properly concentrate on ones attention, the sufferer will also find him or herself at a serious disadvantage on a very fundamental level, which can act his or her social, scholastic, and emotional life. Thus drug and behavioral therapies are a god-send to many families. Ritalin, as well as Dexedrine and Cylert, etc., should be carefully considered, so carefully monitored if the decision is made to try them. Attention deficit is not an easy thing with which to live, but if found and treated, the person can lead an unaccompanied normal and happy life. Sources Consultedhttp//

Shintoism Essay -- China Chinese Culture Religion Essays

ShintoisticismThe Shinto religion was started in the Tokugawa period (1600-1868) of Nipponese history. The Tokugawa Enlightenment stir a group of people whostudied kokugaku, which roughly translated means nativism, Japanese Studies,or Native Studies. Kokugakus intent was to recover Japanese character towhat it was before the early influences of foreigners, especially the Chinese.Some of these influences include Confucianism (Chinese), Taoism (Chinese),Buddhism (Indian and Chinese), and Christianity (Western European). Thekokugakushu (nativist) think most of their efforts on recovering the Shintoreligion, the native Japanese religion, from fragments of texts and popularreligious practices.However, Shintoism is probably not a native religion of Japan (since theJapanese were not the original natives of Japan). There really is no onething that can be called Shinto, The name itself is a bit misleading becauseit is made up of two Chinese words meaning the way of the gods(Shen spiritual power, divinity Tao the way or path). The word for this inJapanese is kannagara the way of the kami .Many things can be said about Shinto. First, it was a tribal religion,not a state one. However, even when the tribes were organized into coherentstates, they still retained their Shinto beliefs. Second, all Shinto cultsbelieve in Kami (?the divine?) Individual clans worshipped a single Kami whichwas regarde...

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Free Tempest Essays: The Comic Sub-plot :: Shakespeare The Tempest

The Importance of the Comic Sub-plot in The TempestThe comic sub-plot has various uses for the play. It brings triprelief&ndash without it, it would be a very dramatic play, if not boring.As because Prospero controls the whole island we know that nothing canreally happen that he doesn&rsquot fatality to, so the play is lackingtension and the comic sub-plot prevents it from being a very boring play.Drunkness is amusing anyway, they fall about and say stupid things whichis socialise for us, plus this is Calibans first drink and werecognise the feelings he expresses for this&lsquo celestial liquor&rsquoand makes it all the more funny. That Caliban sees these two fools askings also makes it amusing&ndash&lsquo I prithee, be my God&rsquo asTrinculo says&lsquo A most ridiculous monster, to make a wonder of a poordrunkard&rsquo. When he sees what they are later he is disgusted withhimself&ndash&lsquo What a thrice-double ass Was I, to take this drunkardfor a god, And worship this dull fo ol&rsquoAs well as providing humour, this think of Caliban&rsquos echoes hisformer trust for Prospero. He hasn&rsquot learned from when Prosperoturned on him, his navety shows through his trust and adoration of thewine. Through the&lsquo aside&rsquo comments of Trinculo and Stephano weknow they are using and teasing him. Its in this situation we feel almostsorry for Caliban, this&lsquo abhorred slave&rsquo, this&lsquodemi-devil&rsquo is still very trusting and doesn&rsquot he have reasonto hate Prospero? He is an animal, with animal instincts and cannot betrained otherwise. Though Prospero is understandably angry that hetried&lsquo to violate the honour&rsquo of Miranda, but he is everywherelyharsh with him. The sub-plot shows us how Caliban is trusting just again,and we can see how affectionate he would have been to Prospero when hefirst arrived on the island, and how understandably bitter he would bewhen his master turned on him.This is an echo of the theme of usurpation, Prosp ero usurped from hisdukedom, Caliban usurped from his island&ndash Prospero tries to get hisdukedom back and Caliban tries to get his island back at the firstopportunity. It would seem at the end that justice has prevailed,forgiveness over vengeance, good over evil, but really just Prospero hasprevailed, he successfully usurped and successfully got un-usurped.Caliban is shown as the most nave of the three, but he is the cleverest.He knows Prospero&rsquos ability is in his books, he knows that the robesStephano and Trinculo are duped by are&lsquo but trash&rsquo and aboveall he speaks some of the most beautiful poetry of the play.

Free Tempest Essays: The Comic Sub-plot :: Shakespeare The Tempest

The Importance of the Comic Sub-plot in The TempestThe comic sub-plot has various uses for the play. It brings lightrelief&ndash without it, it would be a in truth dramatic play, if not boring.As because Prospero controls the whole island we know that nothing can sincerely happen that he doesn&rsquot want to, so the play is lacking tenseness and the comic sub-plot prevents it from being a very boring play.Drunkness is amusing anyway, they fall about and say stupid things whichis entertaining for us, plus this is Calibans first drink and we severalize the feelings he expresses for this&lsquo celestial liquor&rsquoand makes it all the more funny. That Caliban sees these two fools askings also makes it amusing&ndash&lsquo I prithee, be my God&rsquo asTrinculo says&lsquo A some ridiculous monster, to make a wonder of a poordrunkard&rsquo. When he sees what they are later he is disgusted withhimself&ndash&lsquo What a thrice-double ass Was I, to post this drunkardfor a god, And worship this dull fool&rsquoAs well as providing humour, this trust of Caliban&rsquos echoes hisformer trust for Prospero. He hasn&rsquot learned from when Prosperoturned on him, his navety shows through his trust and adoration of thewine. Through the&lsquo aside&rsquo comments of Trinculo and Stephano weknow they are using and teasing him. Its in this situation we feel almost meritless for Caliban, this&lsquo abhorred slave&rsquo, this&lsquodemi-devil&rsquo is still very trusting and doesn&rsquot he have reasonto hate Prospero? He is an animal, with animal instincts and cannot betrained otherwise. Though Prospero is understandably angered that hetried&lsquo to violate the honour&rsquo of Miranda, but he is overlyharsh with him. The sub-plot shows us how Caliban is trusting yet again,and we can see how affectionate he would have been to Prospero when hefirst arrived on the island, and how understandably bitter he would bewhen his master turned on him.This is an echo of the theme of usurpat ion, Prospero usurped from his dukedom, Caliban usurped from his island&ndash Prospero tries to get hisdukedom back and Caliban tries to get his island back at the firstopportunity. It would seem at the end that justice has prevailed,forgiveness over vengeance, good over evil, but really just Prospero hasprevailed, he successfully usurped and successfully got un-usurped.Caliban is shown as the most nave of the three, but he is the cleverest.He knows Prospero&rsquos power is in his books, he knows that the robesStephano and Trinculo are duped by are&lsquo but trash&rsquo and aboveall he speaks some of the most beautiful poetry of the play.

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Discursive Written Analysis of Wherever I Hang by Grace Nichols and Reflections by Mario Petrucci

Reflections. Mario Petrucci.On first looking at the two pieces I have chosen, the preference of dialect fluctuate to a great extent, gift each poem a dissimilar insight to the dialect to each author. In Wherever I Hang, the idiom is of a native tongue to the Caribbean, with its evidently imperfect sentences.Had big rats in de floorboardsV1 annotation 5Where as Mario Petrucci has used Received Pronunciation, good-looking the realizeer much complete sentences.Bees will sting comparable a razorV1 Line 1The vocabulary in Petruccis Reflection is uncomplicated to read although every greenback is a illustration, proficiently put together to gull the reader observe each line in detail. While also generating a number of connotations in each line, giving the reader room for thought. A good paradigm could be gained from almost every line, entirely the fourth line is most apt.Hills as old as hatsV1 Line 4It isnt until iodin(a) hears this that the thought of hats sat on top of a ward robe or on shelves in hatboxes, comes into realization of the accuracy that this one sentence becomes clear, giving the line a conceit of its own. On the other side of the scale is Grace Nichols Wherever I Hang, which although clear in its context, can be hard to read if the accent is not known.In the first line there are repetitive determiners with the news show use of me three times.I leave me people, me land, me homeV1 Line 1Also in this line the generator uses a repetition of nouns with no pre or post modifiers. This could be because the writer is generalising her whole life, and the world she knows rather than express her family and friends. Also it must be taken into account of the fact this is a Caribbean poem and family and friends could be more thought to come from a European writer and would distort the poem, bringing to much plain English into the first rhythm, rather than it all being in the countenance, when she is changing from one culture to another.And is so I s ending home photos of myselfV2 Line 1Within the first line of this rhyme, Nichols has used a repetition of nouns and reiteration determiners to emphasise just what she has given up to come to a new land. Possibly giving the reader the vehicle of travel and a new country and the tenor of a lack of whole step of belongingness.Divided to de boneV3 Line 2This poem introduces a big distinction in the cultures that Nichols has become in contact with, de sun along side De misty greyness. Although one must note that this is a connotation of how the writer sees the two different countries and may not be how a visitor to the Caribbean or a born(p) English person may see the variation. Nichols has used antonyms to empathise the difference in each place. The vast array of bright colours of the Humming-bird and de sun compared to the dull grey pigeons, snow and cold of this new wonder land. Also Nichols has given the reader a manageable alliteration to show how that Nelsons Column is higher than most things she has encountered before.I see passkey Nelson high-too high to lieV1 Line15This is also ambiguous sentence as the word lie can be taken to mean that Nelson is to high to lie down or to high to lie to anyone.Nichols gives us a representation of the life she is leaving, with de sun and de humming-bird spendour giving the reader a image of hot happy days, where as Petruccis verse is more a reminder of things that are responsibilities to most people. A nut, tough as a tax form. The two poems contrast each other with the life they portray, until twenty percent line in verse two of Wherever I Hang.I begin to change my calypso waysV 2 Line 5hither is the change in the poem, from the leaving of a home to come to what the writer has considered a dream country. This is the point that the author starts to become like the people in the land she now lives and take on their lifestyle. But this is also where the writer looses a lot of her homeland traditions and the divide st arts. Nichols gives the reader different time spans but has written the whole piece in present tense. The effect this gives is the reader embarking on a journey through the poem with the writer. With her use of a metaphor They solid to de seam, an alliteration on the p, people pouring and a simile Like beans, Nichols is pushing the reader to realize how different this feels to someone who has never felt or seen things like this. This poem has a non- repetitive rhythm that is filled with personal nouns with the use of me and I it also has no punctuation.Petruccis Reflections on the other hand, is a blank verse pentameter, with use of copular verse and all written in future tense. The writer has used words like will rather than is to give the reader the inkling that the poem is about something that will happen in the future, almost saying its impossible to avoid.The air will be clear as glassV1 Line 2The whole poem could be considered to have a connotation meaning, in which it is the view of how the author sees things in life, even though it has no narrative. In the second verse, line one there is a possible alliteration within the metaphor.Trees will be sturdy as girdersV 2 Line 1One could pick out of this poem the subject, verb and object of every line, with a few added fillers to make the whole piece make sense, right up to the stand up but one line. Here the pattern is broken and the fourth line in verse three is not a metaphor. This could be to express what the possible tenor is. The Internal rhyme differs in this line also, distant the rest of the poem, which has iambic pentameters in every line.And the button, that big red buttonV3 Line 4This could be taken in two ways, which is what the writer could want from the reader. One could be the threat of nuclear war and the fear of the Red Button that hangs over our heads, giving it an elegy. But another meaning could be linking the final but one, line with the final line of the poem. Petrucci could be using the old metaphor bright as a button, but replacing it with child to express the cycle of things, as in the whole world starts again, and so do the metaphors within the last bright as a child.V4 Line 1This is not the first time Petrucci mentions people in his poem.Clockwork regular as citizensV2 Line3This line gives the reader the render of people rushing to work or where ever in the rat race, which could be joined with the same line, giving it an ambiguous meaning. The rat race could be also taken as mice, as they are from the rat family. The mice could be also meaning from the nursery rhyme hickory dickory dock, and the mouse that ran up the clock.In the second verse of Nichols Wherever I Hang, we are given a high level of co- ordination with And is so used in three lines, almost to show the reader that the change in the writers ways in inevitable. The dialect that is used in this second verse has changed to some extent to what is considered more English with the word I i nstead of me, which is continually used in the first verse. Although the Caribbean word use is still present with the occasional use of me and de.And waiting me turn in queueV2 Line 8The sentences are more complete in this verse, rather than At first I feeling like I in dream, (V1 Line 8) the writer is using more English dialect than her native dialect, I begin to change my calypso ways (V2 Line 5). The whole of Nichols poem has many personal pronouns, unlike Petruccis, which has no personal pronouns at all.

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Romanticism in American Literature

Tennyson, in The Princess describes, under the diagnosis of ca chroniclepsy, probable temporal lobe epileptic dreamy rural beas with declension which serve as a adapter of sexual and moral ambivalence, the poems central theme. It come outs that Tennyson knew such(prenominal) seizures from his own preceptor who had been given a diagnosis of catalepsy. Poe gave his Bernice in the novella of the equivalent title a diagnosis of epilepsy as a reason for a premature burial.However, at that place was a good deal of unlikelihood in this, and when he came to this theme in The feed of the Ho character of Usher and in The Premature Burial he chose instead a diagnosis of catalepsy which fitted split with the plot. The fits of the title character in George Elites S mischievouslys trend, ignored as catalepsy, would today rather be seen as epileptic twilight states. It would seem that this author drew from contemporary dictionary descriptions which described conditions similar to vogue s fits under the pass of catalepsy.In Elites legend with a practical(prenominal) treatment, the twilight states be a central factor in the plot and explain Manners reclusion and passivity. In Poor discharge Finch by English realist Willie Collins, the postgraduates seizures of Oscar, unrivaled of the main characters, their cause, their treatment with silver grey nitrate, and the subsequent disconsolation of his kin are central supporting elements of a perfectly constructed plot. Collins gives an diminutive description of a right aversive seizure with stand byary generalization, and how to deal with it.In none of these works seizures are seen in a negative light. They rather give the axe reactions of charity and support. Keywords Anglo-Ameri put forward literature, affection in fiction, romanticism, realism, Tennyson, Poe, George Eliot, Willie Collins. INTRODUCTION The romantics were fascinated by un prevalent behavior and exceptional psychic phenomena. Psychiatric unwell ness was threatening and unexplored UT also had the attraction of the morbid and was a poetic treasure chest.For the literature in the realistic period, illness remained an important theme in general because the disastrous sides of life were non to be neglected, and we can thank the great English realists for some prison toll being the starting cartridge holder to give us De- tailed descriptions of pathological conditions, such as developmental dyslexia in two Bleak House Jacob, 1992). For this reason it is non surprising to find epilepsy represented in literature written in the affectionateness of the nineteenth century. Here we also meet the margin catalepsy and a relationship amidst the two diagnoses warrants our examination.Address correspondence to Peter Wolf, Plenipotentiary Bethel, Kline Mar l, Marriage 21, D 33617 Believed, Germany. give out +49-521-1443686. Fax +49-521-1444637. E-mail panorama. De. EPILEPSY & CATALEPSY IN ANGLO-AMERICAN LITERATURE 287 ALFRED TEN NYSON THE PRINCESS Alfred Tennyson (1808-1892) was one of the main literary figures in the middle of the last century in England. The pair of terms seizures and catalepsy in his Princess (1847-1851), a long narrative poem, has gently been pursued by an American philologist, Barbara Herb Wright (1987), who is married to a neurologist. The Princess commencement ceremony appeared in 1847, and in a reworked second edition in 1848. In the third edition in 1850, six songs were added among each of the chapters and in the four-spotth edition Weird seizures are mentioned for the first time provided then as an essential element of the composition. The literary studies dispute about this elements artistic value and function, as well as the authors refusal to exposition on the question, has been depicted in exposit by Ms Wright. Tennyson called his work a medley.The structure is multifaceted, and it has allegorical, discursive and ironic elements. The accounting uses the story-in-story t echnique. On the first level, the story narrator and a group of buster students visit the castle of one of the students. The student comes from a very old family and has rig an ancestor in his family tree, a lady who, miracle of noble womanhood (p. 154), has defended the fortress in full armor and weapons against its foes. At a garden party Lila, his relay transmitters sister appears, half child, half woman (p. 55 the half ND half motif, the inebriate is a basic motif of this work), and decorates the statue of a warlike ancestor with her head scarf and silk stole while talking about womens oppressiveness and the founding of a radical Amazon state. In the next s notwithstanding chapters the s stock-still students tell the story of such a community The prince and princess of two a stillting kingdoms stick been engaged to marry since their childhood. When the father of the prince sends for the b crucify-to-be with pomp and presents, her father writes a letter saying she wants to live alone with her women, and not wed.When the elderly king, father of the prince, hears this, he wants to declare war but the prince bunchs off to clear up the situation himself. Two friends accompany him, also to help him in the event that he should sire seizures. The seizures are the result of a curse on his family, laid on them long ago by a man who a motive ancestor had burned as a sorcerer because he cast no shadow none of their blood should know the shadow from the substance, image from reality, and one should come to fight with shadows and to fall (p. 1 57).For this reason Waking dreams were an old and strange affection of the house (p. 57), and the curse manifests itself in the prince as Weird seizures (p. 157) which are marked with deterioration experiences. The prince hears from the princess gentle, peace-loving father that she has withdrawn to their summer castle, founded a womens university and now holds a purely female court no male being may reach the area under penalty of death. But the prince and his friends dress up as girls and go there. They are discovered and have to flee.The fact that the prince has saved the princess from drowning does not help. During this time period the prince has two seizures without the princess noticing. The first happens at their second meeting when he is overwhelmed by her royal appearance, her foot on a tame leopard, before they ride out together. During their excursion his love, previously unnoticed, blossoms. The second seizure happens when he lets himself be despicably thrown out by her, even though he not only saved her life, but is also convinced by and willing to accept the equal rights of women.Both times the princess appears to him as a shadow in his seizures, whereas early(a)wise he admires her for her uncompromising consistency and loves her because she sticks to her cause in a more straightforward manner than early(a)s. War is declared, the prince and one of the princess associates defending the princess fight against each other along with 50 of the best knights on both sides. The prince remembers the prophecy that one of his family will fight against shadows, gets a seizure, and goes into battle although he is still in a dreamy state. He and his group of men lose the battle.He is seriously injured, and experiences his long recuperation period as a continuation of the seizure. After clearly loving the war, the princess becomes less rigorous in her attitude and takes care of the 288 PETER WOLF prince and all of the other injured on both sides. The prince and princess forgive each other and the question of dream or reality, shadow or substance, becomes a question about who the princess in truth is, what her essence is. Is it the masculine unwillingness to compromise with which she tries to demonstrate her grounds or rather the other side, which allows for feelings of pity, gratitude, love, and duty?As this is decided, the princes seizures cease and he changes into a s tronger, more masculine person. He can convince the princess that her holding a purely female court was not right for her, not genuine, only a copy of the male world. The prince and princess, until then both a cross between male and female, discover one another. They also both find their own selves in the recognition that man and woman remain incomplete, only half of a whole, as long as each attempts to be whole alone, or as long as one sees the other as the dominate or superior one.The court physician diagnosed the princes seizures as catalepsy (p. 1 57). We now know that Tennyson used, or at least owned, Quinsys medical dictionary of 1804 (Wright, 1987)), which defined catalepsy as a sudden suppression of movement and perception where the DOD is immobilizers (freezes) in its present position. This comes in seizures, lasts a few minutes, seldom up to a few hours, and at the end the patients do not remember anything that has happened during the seizure. It is as if they awake from s leep (Wright, 1987).Interestingly enough, the princes seizures are described completely differently Others notice nothing, he even fights in a battle during a seizure. Only his perception is altered. This change in perception usually only lasts for a short time. It seems to him as if he is border by ghosts and he himself only a shadow of a dream. The princess appears to him as an incomplete sketch, her leopards as a fantastic painting, other people as unload masks. Things are present and not present at the same time, a barb Just experienced happened and at the same time did not happen.He is unavailing to tell the difference between reality and illusion. Ms. Wright (1987) was the first to suggest that epileptic seizures were being described here and she is without doubt correct These are focal seizures of the temporal lobe with illusionary experiences of De-realization and diversification a type of seizure that was underscored in medicine at Tennyson time. How did Tennyson know about them? There were several cases of epilepsy in his immediate family, for compositors case his father, as can be seen by a letter describing his situation which fits the diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy.We also know that sterilizes told the family that his seizures were catalepsy rather than epilepsy (Wright, 1987). This could have been intended to relieve the family or make the diagnosis sound less threatening. On the other hand, it is also un cognize how clearly a distinction between the terms catalepsy and epilepsy was do in the early nineteenth century (Teeming, 1971)1. Trances also play a securing role in the rest of Tennyson work, and it is well known that he often set himself into trances by repeating his own name.But the description of the subjective seizure experiences in the Princess, whose origin and terminology seem to be explained by Wright, stands alone, and the seizures have their special literary feel as metaphor for the indecision and insecurity that lea ds to the main theme of the story. EDGAR ALLAN POE BERNICE, THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER AND THE PREMATURE BURIAL The possibility that Poe was also a model for Tennyson and the use of catalepsy as a motif in his writings cannot be excluded.Tennyson was deeply affected by Poe, admired him, and offerd substantially to the literary credence of the American in England in nineteenth century something not to be taken for granted. (The 1 . Something similar may have been true, in the public mind, for the terms epilepsy and apoplexy. Thacker in Inanity Fair seems once to have mixed them up (Wolf, 1995), and simple-minded Joe Gagger, in Dickens Great Expectations says his father went off in a olympian elliptic fit, obviously meaning apoplectic. 289 other way around, Popes lyric was influenced by Tennyson. Poe created a figure with he diagnosis of epilepsy, Bernice, in the story carrying her name in 1835. The story belongs to a group of dismal fatalistic novellas, and he needs a progre ssive physical and mental illness for Bernice, which would also make it slick for her to appear dead. The story is told in the first person from the point of view of Usages. Usages lives in a lonely mansion with his beautiful cousin Bernice. Bernice has a species of epilepsy not infrequently terminating in trance itself trance very nearly resembling positive dissolution (p. 172).In a reversal and projection that is not typical for Poe, Usages does not explain these trances but rather his own, which are trances or daydreams induced by concentrating on coincidental objects or meditation on trivial words. Bernice and Usages become engaged. In the progression of her disease Bernice loses her beauty. One day in her altered condition she silently stands in front of him. In an unexpected smile of peculiar meaning her splendid unclouded teeth which have remained perfect are exposed and their overleaf image becomes the focus of a monomania, a daydream of his lasting several days.During th is time he is vaguely aware that she has seizures one ironing. In the evening she appears to be dead and so is buried. His state of trance continues. Finally, he awakens out of his trance with a blighted feeling, a vague recollection of a deed, of the shrill cry of a womans voice. He learns from a menial who is wild with terror that Princes grave has been violated, and that she has been found in her grave still alive There is a spade leaning on the wall next to him.As he opens a little box that he finds on his table without knowing how it got there, dental surgery instruments fall out together with thirty-two small, white, and ivory-looking substances (p. 77). Behind the similarity of Usages and Tennyson self-induced daydreams and trances no hidden allusions should be suspected. These things are a part of the type of psychic experiments that the romantics were enthusiastic about. Nevertheless, the affinity in motif and the relationship to epilepsy that both authors created are wor thy of being mentioned.Poe must have noticed that it was unlikely for someone known to have epilepsy to have seizures in a familiar environment in the morning and on the same evening to be declared dead and buried. He prepares the reader by mentioning some pages fore that Bernice, in most cases, recovered from her seizures surprisingly rapidly, but the construction the Great Compromiser dubious. Perhaps this is the reason he gives Madeline of Usher another diagnosis to allow her to be mistakenly buried alive a few years later(prenominal) in The Fall of the House of Usher . She has transient affections of a partially cataleptic character (p. 82), and this leaves more room for the unlikely. Madeline appears only once before her apparent death. The narrator, a friend of her brother Redbrick, talks about her appearance she passed through a remote portion of the apartment, and, without having noticed my presence, disappeared (p. 182). She is not described in more detail (unusual for P oe) foremost is the feeling her appearance leaves in the narrator and her brother observing her A sensation of stupor oppressed me as my eyes followed her retreating steps (p. 182). Her appearance causes her brother to sorrowfully bury his face in his men.Later they lay her in her coffin although there still is a faint blush upon the bosom and the face, as usual in all maladies of strictly cataleptic character (p. 186). In spite of the improbability, Madeline manages to fight her way out of the coffin, and presents herself in silent reproach to her brother who must have suspected she had not really been dead. Poe must have been virtually obsessed with the idea of being buried alive It plays an important role, for example, in the early tale Algeria, and later became a theme in a own story with the title The Premature Burial.This begins with reports about actual live burials and leads to describing the fear associated with wake up in a coffin after being buried. The narrator, who be lieves that such things happen more often Han people suspect, tells his own story of being ill with increasingly frequent and long cataleptic seizures, trances, semi-syncope, and 290 his growing fear that he will be buried in such a state. He takes wide organizational precautions to prevent such an incident, but it does not calm him in the least.He talks about a further symptom, a disassociated awakening with very backward reorientation, preparing the scene for a cathartic experience ending the entire terrible episode He awakens one day in a sloshed woody chamber in total darkness with the smell of damp earth around him, and experiences the real horror of being ride alive. He remembers that he had been on a hunting excursion when a storm arose and that he fled to a barge laden with garden McCollum and went to sleep in a very tight berth.Now he can shake away his fear and he also loses the catalepsy which had perhaps been less the cause than the consequence of his fears (p. 271) . Here the construction of the disease accounting especially with the final considerations is really convincing. Nevertheless, this tale is one of Popes less familiar stories and literally not fully satisfying due to the approximate balance between reported facts ND fiction being only loosely connected.Poe apparently did not use Quince for his catalepsy motif, but another source, since his descriptions are completely different. They seem to be based on a tradition that Could and Pyle (1896) summarize Catalepsy, trance and lethargy, lasting for days or weeks, are really examples of spontaneously developed hypnotic sleep in hysteric patients or subjects of incipient insanity. It is in this condition that the lay Journals find argument for their stories of premature burial.GEORGE ELIOT SILLS MANNER In contrast, it seems that George Eliot (pseudonym or bloody shame Ann Evans, 1819-1880) also used Quinsys Medical Dictionary or a similar source to describe the seizures of the title fi gure in Sills Manner (1861), because her description corresponds very much more exactly to Quinsys definition than Tennyson. In Sills Manner the seizures of the title figure, a poor linen weaver, are an important structural element of the story. They are conditions that can last from a few minutes to an hour or more, and which are described in the book as trance or cataleptic seizures.When Manner has such a seizure he falls into an unconscious and snootiness stiffness with an empty look in his eyes. The seizures leave him with amnesia and Manner is not even aware of having had a seizure. At first, his community, a narrow religious sect, the middle point and content of Manners life, where he is respected for his faith and exemplary life style, get a line the seizures as a mark of his being specially chosen by God, as visitations of divine origin.But as the man who Manner thinks of as his best friend becomes his rival, he uses Manners seizures to discredit him in the community by in dicating his seizures might also have satanic origins (p. 0). Furthermore, he deals a devastating blow by blaming Manner for a theft that occurs during a death wake when Manner is in a trance. Manner is exiled and emigrates to a faraway region where he sets up his twine loom in a hut at the edge of the village (up. 11-15). There he lives a secluded hermit-like existence for 15 years.Despairing of God and his fellow man, he only thinks of his work and of his treasure of gold, sovereigns, that he has managed to scrape together by living so frugally. In this village he is also known for having fits and this contributes to his role as an outsider. When Manner leaves his hut on an errand one stormy evening, someone steals his treasure, leaving him empty-handed for the second time. But in contrast to the first time, he becomes integrated into the community because the members have pity on him (p. 03). Then a third event happens, when he is in a twilight state which falls over him while s tanding in the open door of his hut When he awakens from the trance he perceives a vague, golden shimmer in his hut that he at first believes must be the expected return of his gold coins but it is the golden hair of a little strip girl who has sought shelter in 91 the hut (p. 1 51). He accepts the child and raises her with the help of a neighbor and a happy time starts now and lasts into his old gage.The treasure is also found again. It is discovered and the reader is told this early in the story that the father of the child and the thief are the same person. All these motifs are woven together in a very complex manner and build into an artful design interwoven with the golden weave that make a legend. In a letter to her publisher, John Blackfoot, George Eliot characterized the work as a sort of legendary tale which she became inclined to give a more realistic treatment (Karl, 1995).The disease is of utmost importance in explaining the necessary static and passivity of the titl e figure which would normally be unnatural. It also allows for unexplainable events to happen which contribute to the storys legendary quality. Sills Manner is one of the most perfect of the literary works in which an epileptic disease is an essential stylistic element. Today we use the term catalepsy to describe a condition of motionless rigidity which can occasionally be observed over a longer period of time with androgenic psychosis or with severe life-threatening brain diseases.The seizures with impairment of consciousness from which Sills Manner suffered would today no longer be classified as catalepsy but as twilight states, and epilepsy would primarily be considered the cause. A recent biographer of Eliot (Karl, 1995) talks about Manners epileptic fits as a matter of course. It seems as though Eliot did not use direct observation in describing catalepsy but relied on the lexicographic definition. This included certain epileptic phenomena and catalepsy and epilepsy were probab ly not strictly separated at that time.Earlier, catalepsy had even been considered a variant of epilepsy (Teeming, 1971). AS we have seen in the case of Tennyson, catalepsy may sometimes have been used as a euphemism for epilepsy (see above). WILLIE COLLINS POOR turn a loss FINCH Willie colitis (1824-1889), a mend of Charles Dickens, is considered together with Dickens and George Eliot to be one of the great English realists of the nineteenth century. His Poor Miss Finch (1872) is one of the books in which epilepsy plays a key role in the construction of the plot. Oscar loves the beautiful, capricious, and artifice Lucille who also loves him.His twin brother, the ruthless Nugent tries to be his rival. Their voices are indistinguishable and they have he same features to someone who looks at them or commovees them. An eye specialist appears on the scene who is able to make Lucille see by operating on her. Like some blind people, Lucille can imagine colors, loves everything light an d hates everything dark. This almost leads the bad Nugent to succeed because he argues that when Lucille will see Oscar she is sure to despise him His skin is disclosure to a achromatic blue as a result of the treatment of his epilepsy with silver nitrate (p. 3). Oscar fears the day she will be able to see him but argues nevertheless unselfishly and generously for the controversial operation. Lucille then reacts completely different than expected and there is a happy end. In this novel Collins was particularly interested in the discoveries that had been made throughout the 18th and 19th century about what people born blind or who became blind in early childhood could sense or experience and how, after successful operation on their eyes, they reacted and learned to create a visual environment.These reports deal extensively with theories about the conception of berth and the construction of visual space, and with Molybdenums problem, whether a congenitally blind person who had learn ed to extinguish and name forms like a sphere and a cube by touch would be able to distinguish and identify these forms visually if the faculty of sight was recovered (v. Sender, 1960). Collins was more interested in the sys- 2.The village doctor who has been called to the scene is mildly made fun of by the author the sages of the village urge Manner strongly to smoke a pipe as a workout good for the fits and this advice was sanctioned by Dry. Kimball, on the ground that it was as well to try what could do no harm a principle which was made to reaction for a great deal of work in that gentlemans medical practice (p. 91). Manner follows this advice faithfully even though he actually dislikes tobacco and it doesnt really help. 92 ecological and moral responses of his characters to such an event. His description of the tests and tasks that are given his heroine by her doctor shows that he conducted thorough research for the story. Likewise, the epilepsy is not Just there but the res ult of a brain trauma (p. 68) from a robbery which has its own function in the carefully constructed story. In order to make the blackening of the skin more credible people with the same coloring appear marginally twice in the story (up. 3,269). Is that exaggerated? Apparently not.The treatment of epilepsy with silver nitrate was very common until the middle of the nineteenth century. One of the affected in Collins book says there are hundreds of people disclosure as I am, in the various parts of the civilized world (p. 84), and the English neurologist Todd complained that so many patients showed in the disconsolation of their faces the indelible marks of the ineffective treatment they had undergone (Teeming, 1971). Collins thinks better of Oscar and allows the treatment to be successful His epilepsy is cured (p. 0). CONCLUSIONS Four authors from two consecutive epochs of literature in the English language gave four completely different pictures of illness In Poe, the romanticist, t he epileptic and cataleptic conditions are more conjured up than described, whereas not the seizures themselves but the motif of a slow physical and mental deterioration are a point of focus. The epileptic and cataleptic states are essential elements to the gloomy mood that seem to drive these stories into inevitable fatalistic catastrophes.Tennyson depicts subjective perception of seizures and has resalable found an authentic source so that we can correct the diagnosis of catalepsy. Eliot probably followed a lexicographic definition for her description of cataleptic semi-conscious or trance states fairly exactly, but this definition subsumes symptoms of a condition which would nowadays be classified as epilepsy. Collins is furthest away from Poe. He virtually gives us a clinical case study with a matter-of- fact description of a seizure which begins with a wrenching aversive movement towards the right and the calm attitude of the doctor mastering the situation at hand.The diagnosis is given n a short and concise sentence, the etiology and therapy are a part of the case register in this realistic novel. Whereas with the earlier authors the distinction between epilepsy and catalepsy appears somewhat blurred, which may be typical for the time, Collins description of (post-traumatic) epilepsy and a focal seizure is fully correct. These four significant authors from the middle of the nineteenth century also handle the function of the seizures in the structure of their works very differently. Poe uses seizures as a reason for the suppositional death and subsequent live burial.Tennyson uses De-realization during seizures as a metaphor for his basic motif of half and half, and for the indecision in the main characters. Once these are overcome, the seizures disappear. In Elites work, the occurrence of recurring seizures is necessary for the plot of the story, they are an important element for the legendary aspect and a reason for Sills Manners timidity and resolutio n to fate. For Collins, who like Dickens laid special value on clean construction in his books, Scars epilepsy is a central supporting element which combines many associations in a perfectly structured story.In none of the authors works are the seizures indifferent, a mere curiosity or spectacle. Nor are they seen in a negative light. They rather evoke reactions of support, and sympathy with 3. A frightful contortion fastened itself on Scars face. His eyes turned up hideously. From his head to foot his whole body was wrenched round, as if giant hands had twisted it, towards the right. Before I could speak, he was in convulsions on the floor at his doctors feet. Good God, what is this I cried out. The doctor loosened his cravat, and moved away the article of furniture that was near him.

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In Electricity Generation, an Electric Generator Is a Device

Electric author Inelectricity genesis, anelectric generatoris a device that converts mechanised energytoelectrical energy. A generator forceselectric charge(usually carried byelectrons) to flow through an externalelectrical circuit. It is analogous to a water pump, which causes water to flow ( further does not create water). Thesource of mechanical energy may be a reciprocating or turbinesteam engine, water falling through aturbine or waterwheel, aninternal combustion engine, a horn in turbine, a handcrank,compressed airor any other source of mechanical energy.The override conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is done by anelectric motor, and motors and generators stomach many similarities. In fact many motors clear be mechanically driven to generate electricity, and really frequently make acceptable generators. -Historical developments Before the connection betweenmagnetismandelectricitywas discovered,electrostatic generatorswere invented that usedelectrostati cprinciples. These generated very senior high schoolvoltagesand lowstreams.They operated by using movingelectrically chargedbelts, plates and disks to carry charge to a high potential electrode. The charge was generated using every of two mechanisms * Electrostatic induction * Thetriboelectric effect, where the contact between two insulators leaves them charged. Because of their inefficiency and the difficulty ofinsulating apparatuss producing very high voltages, electrostatic generators had low strength ratings and were never used for generation of commercially signifi female genitalst quantities of electric power.TheWimshurst machineandVan de Graaff generatorare examples of these machines that have survived. Faradays disk In the years of 18311832,Michael Faradaydiscovered the operating principle of electromagnetic generators. The principle, subsequently calledFaradays legal philosophy, is that anelectromotive forceis generated in an electrical conductor that encircles a varying magnetic flux. He also built the first electromagnetic generator, called theFaraday disk, a reference ofhomopolar generator, using acopperdisc rotating between the poles of a horseshoemagnet. It produced a littler DC voltage.This design was inefficient due to self-cancelling counterflows of veritable in regions not under the forge of the magnetic field. While current was induced directly underneath the magnet, the current would circulate backwards in regions outside the influence of the magnetic field. This counterflow limits the power end product to the pickup wires and induces waste heating of the copper disc. Later homopolar generators would solve this problem by using an array of magnets arranged round the disc perimeter to maintain a steady field effect in one current-flow direction.Another disadvantage was that the output voltage was very low, due to the virtuoso current path through the magnetic flux. Experimenters found that using multiple turns of wire in a coil coul d produce higher more utilitarian voltages. Since the output voltage is proportional to the number of turns, generators could be easily designed to produce any desired voltage by varying the number of turns. telegraph windings became a basic feature of all subsequent generator designs. Dynamo Thedynamowas the first electrical generator capable of delivering power for industry.The dynamo useselectromagneticprinciples to convert mechanical gyration intopulsed DCthrough the use of acommutator. The first dynamo was built byHippolyte Pixiiin 1832. Through a series of accidental discoveries, the dynamo became the source of many later inventions, including the DCelectric motor, the ACalternator, the ACsynchronous motor, and therotary converter. A dynamo machine consists of a stationary structure, which provides a ceaseless magnetic field, and a club of rotating windings which turn inwardly that field.On small machines the constant magnetic field may be provided by one or more permanen t magnets larger machines have the constant magnetic field provided by one or more electromagnets, which are usually called field coils. Large power generation dynamos are instanter rarely seen due to the now nearly universal use of change currentfor power distribution andsolid stateelectronic AC to DC power conversion. But before the principles of AC were discovered, very large direct-current dynamos were the only means of power generation and distribution.Now power generation dynamos are mostly a curiosity. Alternator Without acommutator, a dynamo becomes analternator, which is asynchronous singly fed generator. When used to feed anelectric power grid, an alternator must always operate at a constant speed that is precisely synchronized to the electrical frequency of the power grid. A DC generator can operate at any speed within mechanical limits, but always outputs direct current. Typical alternators use a rotating field winding excited with direct current, and a stationary (stat or) winding that produces alternating current.Since the rotor field only requires a tiny fraction of the power generated by the machine, the brushes for the field contact can be relatively small. In the shell of a brushless exciter, no brushes are used at all and the rotor shaft carries rectifiers to excite the main field winding. MHD generator Main articleMHD generator A magnetohydrodynamic generator directly extracts electric power from moving hot gases through a magnetic field, without the use of rotating electromagnetic machinery. MHD generators were originally developed because the output of a plasma MHD generator is a flame, well able to heat the boilers of asteampower plant.The first practical design was the AVCO Mk. 25, developed in 1965. The U. S. government funded substantial development, culminating in a 25 MW demonstration plant in 1987. In theSoviet Unionfrom 1972 until the late 1980s, the MHD plant U 25 was in regular commercial operation on the Moscow power system wi th a rating of 25 MW, the largest MHD plant rating in the human race at that time. 2MHD generators operated as atopping cycleare currently (2007) less efficient than combined-cyclegas turbines. - Terminology The two main parts of a generator or motor can be described in either echanical or electrical terms. Mechanical * Rotor The rotating part of anelectrical machine * Stator The stationary part of an electrical machine Electrical * Armature The power-producing component of an electrical machine. In a generator, alternator, or dynamo the armature windings generate the electric current. The armature can be on either the rotor or the stator. * Field The magnetic field component of an electrical machine. The magnetic field of the dynamo or alternator can be provided by either electromagnets or permanent magnets mounted on either the rotor or the stator.Because power transferred into the field circuit is much less than in the armature circuit, AC generators nearly always have the field winding on the rotor and the stator as the armature winding. Only a small amount of field current must be transferred to the moving rotor, usingslip rings. Direct current machines (dynamos) require acommutatoron the rotating shaft to convert thealternating currentproduced by the armature todirect current, so the armature winding is on the rotor of the machine. - ExcitationAn electric generator or electric motor that uses field coils rather than permanent magnets requires a current to be present in the field coils for the device to be able to work. If the field coils are not powered, the rotor in a generator can spin without producing any usable electrical energy, while the rotor of a motor may not spin at all. Smaller generators are sometimesself-excited, which means the field coils are powered by the current produced by the generator itself. The field coils are connected in series or twin with the armature winding.When the generator first starts to turn, the small amount ofremane nt magnetismpresent in the iron core provides a magnetic field to get it started, generating a small current in the armature. This flows through the field coils, creating a larger magnetic field which generates a larger armature current. This bootstrap process continues until the magnetic field in the core levels off due tosaturationand the generator reaches a steady state power output. Very large power station generators often go for a separate smaller generator to excite the field coils of the larger.In the event of a severe widespreadpower outagewhereislandingof power stations has occurred, the stations may need to perform ablack startto excite the fields of their largest generators, in order to restore customer power service. - Equivalent circuit The homogeneous circuit of a generator and load is shown in the diagram to the right. The generatorsVGandRGparameters can be determined by cadence the winding resistance (corrected to operating temperature), and measuring the open-ci rcuit and loaded voltage for a defined current load. editVehicle-mounted generators Early motor vehicles until about the 1960s tended to use DC generators with electromechanical regulators. These have now been replaced byalternatorswith organicrectifiercircuits, which are less costly and lighter for equivalent output. Moreover, the power output of a DC generator is proportional to rotational speed, whereas the power output of an alternator is case-by-case of rotational speed. As a result, the charging output of an alternator at engine idle speed can be much greater than that of a DC generator.Automotive alternators power the electrical systems on the vehicle and recharge thebatteryafter starting. Rated output will normally be in the range 50-100 A at 12 V, depending on the designed electrical load within the vehicle. Some cars now have electrically poweredsteering assistanceandair conditioning, which places a high load on the electrical system. Large commercial vehicles are more likely to use 24 V to give sufficient power at thestarter motorto turn over a largediesel engine.Vehicle alternators do not use permanent magnets and are typically only 50-60% efficient over a wide speed range. 4Motorcycle alternators often use permanent magnetstatorsmade withrare earthmagnets, since they can be made smaller and lighter than other types. See alsohybrid vehicle. Some of the smallest generators commonly found power roulette wheel lights. These tend to be 0. 5 ampere, permanent-magnet alternators supplying 3-6 W at 6 V or 12 V. Being powered by the rider, efficiency is at a premium, so these may incorporaterare-earth magnetsand are designed and make with great precision.Nevertheless, the maximum efficiency is only around 80% for the best of these generators60% is more typicaldue in part to the rolling clash at thetyregeneratorinterface from poor alignment, the small size of the generator, bearing losses and cheap design. The use of permanent magnets means that effic iency falls even further at high speeds because the magnetic field strength cannot be controlled in any way. Hub dynamosremedy many of these flaws since they are internal to the bicycle hub and do not require an interface between the generator and tyre. Until recently, these generators have been expensive and hard to find.Major bicycle component manufacturers like Shimano and SRAM have only moreover entered this market. However, significant gains can be expected in future as cycling becomes more mainstream transportation and LED technology allows brighter lighting at the reduced current these generators are capable of providing. Sailing yachts may use a water or wind powered generator to trickle-charge the batteries. A smallpropeller,wind turbineorimpelleris connected to a low-power alternator and rectifier to supply currents of up to 12 A at typical cruising speeds. Still smaller generators are used inmicropowerapplications. Engine-generator Anengine-generatoris the confederacy of an electrical generator and anengine(prime mover) mounted together to form a single piece of self-contained equipment. The engines used are usually piston engines, but gas turbines can also be used. Many different versions are available ranging from very small portablepetrolpowered sets to large turbine installations. - human beings powered electrical generators A generator can also be driven by human muscle power (for instance, in field piano tuner station equipment).Human powered direct current generators are commercially available, and have been the project of someDIYenthusiasts. Typically operated by means of pedal power, a reborn bicycle trainer, or a foot pump, such generators can be practically used to charge batteries, and in some cases are designed with an constituent(a) inverter. The average adult could generate about 125-200 watts on a pedal powered generator, but at a power of 200 W, a typical healthy human will reach complete exhaustion and fail to produce any more power after approximately 1. 3 hours. 6Portable receiving set receivers with a crank are made to reduce battery purchase requirements, seeclockwork radio. During the mid 20th century, pedal powered radios were used throughout the Australian outback, to provide schooling,(school of the air) medical and other needs in remote stations and towns. - Linear electric generator In the simplest form of linear electric generator, a slidingmagnetmoves back and forth through asolenoid a spool of copper wire. Analternating currentis induced in the loops of wire byFaradays law of inductioneach time the magnet slides through.This type of generator is used in theFaraday flashlight. Larger linear electricity generators are used in curl powerschemes. - Tachogenerator Tachogenerators are frequently used to powertachometersto measure the speeds of electric motors, engines, and the equipment they power. Generators generate voltage roughly proportional to shaft speed. With precise construction and design, generators can be built to produce very precise voltages for certain ranges of shaft speeds

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Pro-Life Essay

Rescue Those Who Are Unjustly Sentenced to Death Proverbs 2411 Abortion is and always has been a major proceeds for debate in North America, due to the moral and legal issues surrounding it. Despite the Supreme Court making a landmark controversial finish in 1973, deciding that it is a womans right to choose abortion after the court case of Norma McCorvey, pro- support activists continue to thrive for newfangled laws banning, or at least tightly restricting induced abortion.Due to that decision, abortion has become a safety netpreventing throwaway(prenominal) pregnancies, controlling whether or not parents have a handicapped child, etc. In Sallie Tisdales We Do Abortions Here A keep backs Story, readers get an in spite of appearance gestate on the actual procedure itself, giving them an idea of what goes on in the domain of medicine. Although this essay may highlight the beneficial factors of abortionridding oneself of an unwanted pregnancy, or saving a family due to potentia l financial constraintsit is all irrelevant due to the undeniable immoral aspects of the procedure.In my opinion, abortion is unethical, and unnecessary. Despite 20% of the female population being unable to have children, this essay draws attention to the vast number of people that do have abortions, choosing rather to free themselves of the centre than to pass the miracle along to a couple in need. Not only does this emphasize the selfishness of todays youth, it demonstrates the unknowledgeable excessively have no smell out of conscious guilt, proving further that society as a whole is focusing on the wrong issues and ignoring the ones that truly matter.Of course, on that point is the inevitable argument of humanity lifewhen does it begin? In Tisdales essay, I learned that the employees of an abortion centre forbid the use of the word baby, as they prefer to keep the demoralise emotions of the mothers to a minimum. My take on this is, why are we doing this procedure in the fi rst place if we have to manipulate people into thinking it is ethical? By sugar-coating it, the reality of the process gets lost behind false appearances, demonstrating the corruption of youth despite the development avail talent of information resources.The pro-choice activists see this procedure as letting mothers return to full freedom, achieving a life of no guilt since they rid themselves of the child. This approach to abortion is completely immoral, as you target spin it anyway you wantyou are still, essentially, taking a human lifeand there is no ethical way to defend that. The population of the world that believes in the legalization of abortions are more in favor of equality and womens rights rather than the developing life that the woman currently possesses. They believe as the fetus is nonviable, which is before twenty weeks of gestation, then the process should be legal.However, upon conception, the fetus is going to be viable and is going to be a functional human being . To interfere with this process is violating the rights that the unborn child has to live. A fetus is incapable of determining whether or not it wants to live, so to not grant that fetus a chance to live is down-right unconstitutional. Although I do believe in a womans rights and am quite the feminist myselftheir rights to do as they enrapture with their bodies should not parallel the right to do as they please with someone elses body.In We Do Abortions Here A Nurses Story by Sallie Tisdale, the author often reflects on the variety of women that enter the clinic. However, she mentions that there are the usual clientsparticularly in their teenage daysthat so clearly have no parental or financial support behind them. The argument that is made here by pro-choice activists, is that the when the ability to take care of the potential child is at stakethus providing a lifestyle that is not fit for a babyit is of greater nobility to clear the child and the mother of such burden.In my op inion, there is only one word for a person with this attitude selfish. Having a personal alliance with someone who is struggling with the fact that she is incapable of having children of her own, I see the inevitable sorrow that goes along with having an incomplete family despite your greatest efforts. In the essay, it is said that there are over 100 abortions a day in that particular clinic alone. In this world, if all of those people chose to let a family who is capable of providing the child a stable homelife adopt the child, they would not only be saving the childs life, but saving a familys life.Infertility is a growing issue in todays society, and adoption is sometimes the only answer. Families around the world who are struggling with this issue have to pray for a miracle, as sometimes it takes up to 10 years to finally adopt a child. This is all happening, whilst girls and women alike are making it a usual position to use abortion as a safety net for unwanted pregnancies. D oes this seem fair? Has the world become so corrupt that we cannot even look past our own wants and aid those with their needs?The way the world needs to view abortions now are to see a surprise pregnancy as a miracle, rather than a burden. If not a miracle to them, then a miracle to a family in need, struggling with infertility. Although there may be extenuating circumstances, I cannot begin to fathom how anybody can justify the glorification of a childs death as a choice. Everyone deserves the right to grow up, laugh, secure mistakes, and live their life fully. No one deserves to have their life brutally ripped from them. Abortion is the greatest act of cowardice, because it preys on those who cannot defend themselves.We have the right to incur choices, but what are we choosing? We have an obligation to protect the weak and the innocent. There will never be a day when it is justifiable to take other persons right to live, simply because we can. As previously stated, this act of exploitation emphasizes the selfishness of todays society, demonstrating the unfortunate truth that the naive population also lack in conscious guilt. This proves further that humanity as a whole is focusing on the wrong issues and ignoring the ones that truly matter.

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Allentown Materials Corporation

The analysis of the Allentown Materials toilet case study reveals a number of issues mostly related to the untimely death of a value leader, the subsequent assortment in leadership, and also the management style of the newly appointed upper-level managers. This paradigm shift in operational management dodging is one of the root causes of the conflict between departments, absence of teamwork, and low morale. Additionally, radical lurchs are required to bring Allentown Materials f turn downpot into a new era of manufacturing and master their continued success in the marketplace.The exitingness to change is critical in a manufacturing organization where the means of maintaining a combative advantage change frequently. (ReVelle) The former oecumenic Manager of the Allentown Materials Corporation Joe Bennett was very authoritarian in nature, preferring to make all nearly all important decisions by himself, and no decisions at all were do without Mr. Bennetts approval. Many of t he managers reporting to Bennett were considered political and manipulative by their employees, and as a result few were get outing to challenge his operational management style.When enter Rogers took oer Joe Bennetts position as command manager the aggravating factors of a major down turn in occupancy were already present, still the effects were not necessarily being felt throughout the organization. A revolutionary change should have been implemented under Bennett when the business shifted from primarily array applications to mysterious sector uses, however managers perspective may cause them to overlook important organizational changes or respond to these changes inappropriately. Both general managers are at fault for the current situation at Allentown Mr.Bennett for overlooking when change was required and Mr. Rogers for responding to the need for change inappropriately. The military market revolved more or less highly reliable and consistent components for crucial milit ary equipment and the military was willing to pay a premium to acquire such components. In contrast the consumer and private sector market also demands high-quality products, but at the lowest cost possible. (ReVelle) The endorseary consequence of this shift from military to consumer markets is an increased presence in the super competitive Japanese market.Japanese manufacturing firms had long since developed and implemented their own manufacturing method actingologies such as Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing and Total Quality Management. Allentown Materials Corporation is essentially attempting to compete in a market that has already seen revolutionary change at the hands of new methodologies and techniques. Changes do need to be made to ensure a manufacturing organization has the competitive advantage, and selecting the appropriate change methodology is equally crucial.The Six Sigma quality management weapons platform was originally developed by Motorola in 1986 and as a busine ss strategy instructiones on improving the quality of outputs by removing the causes of defects, unacceptable variability in the manufacturing process, and discontinuing practices that do not add value to the final output. (CIT) One method in which Six Sigma accomplishes this is though improving processes already in place or creating new processes when the existing ones fail to meet business objectives. CIT) Motorola reported over 17 billion in savings in 2006 since the start of their Six Sigma initiative, and many other manufacturing companies have also achieved success with their own implementations of Six Sigma. (CIT) These actual effects are the results of training in quality improvement methods, rearrangement of business processes to make them more efficient, initiation of projects that improve production or save money, and meliorate communication between management and employees.For a company to achieve Six Sigma any single process must not produce more than 3. 4 defects pe r million opportunities. (CIT) This in turn means increased profit for the company and potential bonuses or incentives for employees. We can also make comparisons between Six Sigma and the contrary Japanese methodologies and draw a number of conclusions Six Sigma addresses half of the revolutionary change required for Allentown Materials Corporation to remain competitive in the ever-changing manufacturing marketplace.The second component of the change required involves giving the entire organization a shared vision for the future which plays strongly on the core competencies of the Allentown Materials Corporation. The strength of Allentown Materials Corporation lies with its research and development, and manufacturing divisions. Part of this change will come about as Six Sigma is adapted and implemented at the Allentown Materials Corporation.Employees at all levels of the organization will recognize the potential benefits and rewards including increased job security, new opportunit ies with the company, and better performance evaluations and pay increases. Additionally, employees will be aware that if the company is deriving benefits from Six Sigma these benefits will eventually trickle down to them. (CIT) All of the new rewards and incentives will lend themselves to a shared vision within the company. One aspect of particular richness of the Six Sigma methodology will be the effect of training and teamwork on the various divisions.When a sense of teamwork is lacking the employees have a tendency to focus on the productivity of their particular department or division and fail to realize the impact of their actions on the entire operation. (CIT) For these changes to take hold at Allentown Materials Corporation a vital member of upper management must assume the role as the change champion. Don Rogers seems like the clear selection to take on this position due to his position with the company and the fact that he has an established history of involving people in issues with the company and consulting them on decisions.The change champion at Allentown will have a number of new responsibilities related to ensuring the success of Six Sigma and simultaneously being the driving force tooshie the entire business revolution. In order to show demonstrable commitment to the program and the new shared vision the champion will need to be heavily involved in the change process, ensuring that it moves swiftly and that the change is real and positive. Encouragement, motivation, involvement with projects, removing the barriers to project success, celebrating successes when they occur, and recognizing achievements are all ways the champion can demo commitment.In the course of implementing change the change champion should consider naming a steering committee consisting of him or herself, key managers from all the functional areas including the newly separate sales and marketing functions, and a new position training manager. The steering committee woul d serve to enact the changes, but would also provide crucial feedback from lower managers and employees about the practical implications of their changes.Among the responsibilities of the steering committee would be developing a new team handbook that clearly states the policies and goals of the company and a training program emphasizing teamwork, team interaction skills, and The issues effecting Allentown Materials Corporation may very well lead to its ultimate demise. It is therefore essential for Allentown Materials Corporation to institute a quick and positive change to ensure its long term viability and retain its competitive advantages in the marketplace. Six Sigma when implemented properly by a committed change champion can usher in a new era for Allentown Materials Corporation.

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Alex Robbins.Durango Street

Durango Street Reading Log for Chapters 15, 16, 17 Character Alex Robbins Alex Robbins is a social worker. His goal is to break up the gang the moors, scarcely until chapter 17 he has no success. Alex Robbins is one of the main characters in the book, because he affects the gang the moors. In chapter 17 he is at Rufus home, because The Gassers cut the pigtail of Rufus sister.When Rufus comes home Alex Robbins is talk to his mother, that he wants to talk with the Gassers about what happened. But when Rufus asks about what happened, Alex tries to tell him a lie. But Rufus is smart and knows that he is telling a lie. After Rufus knows what happened, he is very angry and Alex sais that he wants to solve this issue, but Rufus sais that he has no idea of gangs. I think the idea of Alex is very absurd. In this case there is no way out.He cant speak with the police, because it will make more problems. Alex also made a very inexperienced impression, when he talked the beginning(a) time to the moors. Everybody laughed about him and he couldnt accomplish himself. He seemed to be much untaught. He is a little bit the opposite of Rufus, who is very smart. Finally, I think Alex really wants to reach his goal to break up the moors, but he has to learn a lot, how to handle these guys.

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King Lear and the Drawer Boy Comparative Essay Essay

Sometimes, unconsciously, reference lean is employmentd in our daily lives to assume or issue out a particular usage. The fictitious character play portrayed in Shakespe ars baron Lear and Michael Healeys The Drawer Boy is best defined as the acts or attitude of a person differing from normal in order to attain a better point of view, social interaction, or a goal. William Shakespeare, natural in Stratford-upon-Avon, England in 1564, is known world-wide for his talent for writing plays and poems (William). Shakespeares major power Lear was officially printed in 1608 (King Lear).This play follows the life of a headstrong old man, King Lear, whose mental state is disturbed by his two egoistic daughters, Goneril and Regan. Lears other daughter, Cordelia, is loyal to her father, but is disowned for her simple, yet honest response to her fathers question in Act one. The daughters must flatter their father in order for him to decide who spawns the most desirable part of his kin gdom, but this solely elicits lies and rigor from Goneril and Regan, eventually leading to Cordelias and Lears downfall.Meanwhile, Gloucester, the father of Edgar and Edmund (his illegitimate son), is blinded by lies as well. Edmund manages to trick his father into disliking Edgar in order for him to take oer Gloucesters power. Michael Healey reflects on betrayal in the form of a stage play, The Drawer Boy, a falsehood told with humour, but also about loss and love. Healey, a Canadian playwright and actor, was born on August 25, 1963 in Toronto, Ontario (Nothof). He based The Drawer Boy on a group of actors who went to farms to research folksy life in Southern Ontario and collectively produce a play called The Farm Show.The Drawer Boy is a full length play that focuses on a young actor from Toronto, Miles, and his experiences while visiting a farm owned by two older men, Morgan and Angus. Morgan cares for his close friend Angus, who has brain alter and memory loss which happened during the bombing of London in the Second World War. By the end of the play, these three men create and interpret reality through storytelling and role play. It is obvious that two works use role play as an important device that helps develop the topic of deception.Although the essential nature of role play in King Lear is mostly corrupt, in contrast to the innocent intention in the Drawer Boy, both forms of deception have electropositive consequences. These positive consequences are what allow the characters to act morally and to understand the value of others. Everyone has an individual role that has the ability to influence other lives. Being capable of role play can have negative and positive effects, depending on how it is used. In King Lear, Edmund is described by his father as the bastard son, and that is the exact role he plays.This role was given to him at birth. Although Edmund is cruel and manipulative in nature, he does find a means for redemption. When Edmund is de feated by his brother Edgar, he still has the chance to kill Cordelia and King Lear, but instead, he makes an attempt to save them by calling back his soldiers before they follow orders. Although the attempt is unsuccessful, a different side of Edmund is revealed during this final act, and he admits to being out of character. I pant for life. Some good I mean to do, despite of my own nature, he declares (5. 3. 291-292).This self-awareness is significant because Edmund acknowledges how his role has affected others, and takes advantage of the opportunity to make a moral decision. This form of justice is also portrayed by the character Miles in The Drawer Boy. Miles task is to go to a farm and study how farm-life works in order to create a play about it back in Toronto. The more he gets involved with the lives of Morgan and Angus, the more intrigued he is by them. Although there are a few humorous references to farming, the main attention of this play is on Morgan and Angus history tog ether.Miles decides to use the original story he overheard Morgan telling Angus one night as a part in his play. by and by attending Miles rehearsal, Morgan is non impressed by how invasive the play is, but Angus is excited by the reanimation of his life. When Miles discovers there is more to the story, such as somberness and loss, he declines Angus offer to use their story in his play. Thanks. Butthanks(Healey 188), Miles says as he hands over his notebook. Miles decides to give up the firm play, even if it means it will jeopardize his career as an actor.When Miles hands over his notebook to Morgan it symbolizes the ethical decision he is making. Even though his role in the play is to investigate farm life, he steps out of that role to do what is right. Edmund and Miles are characters that can be easily compared. They both assign that a specific role is not given to someone instead, people can determine how flexible and adaptable their role in life is. The carriage that Edmun d and Miles adapt to their surroundings by changing characters in order to make a just decision is heartening.Valuing other people for their individuality or specific characteristics is essential to positive interaction among humans. When people take on the role of someone else they lose their individuality and worthiness of true self-value. This type of deceiving interaction is seen in both King Lear and The Drawer Boy. Lears flaw at the beginning of the play is that he values appearances over reality. Using role play to their advantage, Goneril and Regan are villainous and use Lears blindness to their true natures against him.They alter their characters to flatter their father, who is too full of pride to recognize deceit. Cordelias sincerity is misunderstood and Lear banishes her because she does not compliment him like her other two sisters. Both Goneril and Regan have altered their personalities to gain all of Lears powers, and it is not until they take everything away from Lea r, that he realizes Cordelia is the only daughter who truly loves him. He begs for forgiveness as he cries to Cordelia, If you have poison for me, I will drink it. I know you do not love me for your sisters/ Have, as I do remember, done me wrong (4. 7. 82-84). Although Lear believes he has done Cordelia wrong and deserves to be punished, Cordelia has no desire for revenge, or any fate to make her father suffer for having misjudged her. Goneril and Regan make their father believe they are someone else, but in the end, Lear is able to make amends with Cordelia and value her tenderness and honesty. This family journey reinforces the idea that at the heart of every betrayal lies a skewed set of values.Similarly, Morgan values his life-time friend Angus, but does not fully prize him until the end of the play. Morgan hides the truth from Angus for a couple of reasons Angus hit Sally during one of his headache episodes and thats why she and Frances left the farm. Morgan alse wants to pr otect himself from his transgression over being responsible for Angus accident that caused the headaches and memory loss. When Miles and Angus push Morgan into finally revealing the true story, Angus is overwhelmed, but understanding.Morgan explains, I told you the story of the black car crashing for the first time. I told it again, and you stopped crying. I told it again, and you fell asleep. I kept telling it cause it made you feel better. Goddamn it, it made me feel better (Healey 187-188). By telling Angus the truth, Morgan shows how his protective role overpowered his role as a friend. He was, in a way, being selfish by hiding this secret from Angus because he felt sinful for being the one who made Angus go out to the car to get a bottle of brandy when the accident occurred.Angus, however, is not mad at Morgan, but upset with himself for hitting Sally, which caused both Sally and Frances to leave. Both men feel guilty and sorry for one another and for what they have done. Ang us had the right to know the truth and Morgan realizes that after seeing how his friend handles it. Morgan now has more respect for Angus, curiously after they make a promise to tell the story every day even if Angus forgets. Angus plays a unique role in this play because he is lacking memories of his past with Morgan.Even with memories missing, he still acknowledges the importance of Morgan in his life, and vice versa. The characters recognized the value of others near the end of both works. Truth comes out by the end of King Lear and The Drawer Boy that draws attention to the real role of characters. These character traits are what reveal to the audience to each one characters true nature and this realization is what brings those characters closer. Although in The Drawer Boy, Morgan already valued Angus for who he is, it is not until the end of the play that he can explain why he values his friend so much.Whereas throughout King Lear, Cordelia is wretched compared to her sisters , and Lear does not realize how important she is until the very end. In conclusion, while King Lear have more sinister intentions of role play, it is easily comparable to the role play in The Drawer Boy. Characters from both works miscellanea their behaviour to accomplish tasks which lead to important results. The results are identified as the characters making moral decisions, and developing a new appreciation of others.In King Lear, the good are misjudged as evil and the evil are accepted as good. In The Drawer Boy the effect of loss and love overwhelms the reader. two intriguing pieces of writing that are different, but similar in many ways, use an important device, role play. Role play can be as simple as a child playing Doctor, or it can be as serious as altering ones entire personality to be someone else. In either instance, it is an effective tool that can have many advantages or disadvantages. How people decide to use this ability that defines them and the outcome.

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Book of Negroes

The Book of Negroes is a master piece, daring and impressive in its geographic, historical and man reach, convince in its narrative art and detail, necessary for imagining the real beyond the traces left by history. I but agree with The Globe and Mails interpretation of this story. One could almost see the desolate conditions of the knuckle down boats and feel the pain of every person brought into slavery. Lawrence Hill created a compelling story that depicts the hard ships, turned on(p) turmoil and bravery when he wrote The Book of Negroes.In the exposition of The Book of Negroes one does non realize the make sense of emotional turmoil the African people are about to face. At number 1 glance the sm wholly town of Bayo seems to be a felicitous quad to live. People were working, children playing life was normal to them. Aminata, the main pillow slip in this story, describes hers and others pain intentensively, I lived in terror that the captors would beat us, boil us and eat us, tho they began with humiliation they tore our clothes hit our backs. (pg. 9) Not once did the captors show any regard for these people, As I began my long march from home, I discovered that there were people in the world who didnt know me, didnt love me and didnt care whether I lived or operated. (pg. 29) They were treated no other than that rapid animals. Children were forced to grow up faster than they should use up. They were forced to do a mans work load, and think quickly to avoid being beaten. There is a sincere feeling of compassion for every last person who lost everything and were treated so distressingly. People were separated from family and sometimes friends.Aminata first had her son interpreted away and sold by one of her masters, My heart and body were screaming for Mamadu. exactly my baby was gone. Sold, sold, sold. Appleby would not say where. (pg. 184) Years later she suffered the loss of her daughter, who was stolen by the family whom she was work ing for. Even when they felt up they were a little closer to freedom, they were once again knocked down. When Aminata was no longer an owned slave she sailed into Shelbourne, where she and numerous others were still treated with contempt, Inside the Merchants Coffee House, I asked for information about living accommodations and work.A big man took me by the arm and pulled me to the door. We dont serve niggers. He said. They were all naked of their dignity, hope and faith. The Book of Negroes portrays a very vivid sense of realism throughout the entire story. As one follows Aminata through the excruciatingly painful journey she calls life, her pain, suffering and business organizations can be felt and seen by the reader. The hardships felt by the African people are heart wrenching. They lost everything that was ever home to them and taken to a world that treated them unfairly.These pitiful people suffered at the hands of the toubab, white man. Aminata herself watched her mot her die in front of her, But another man intercepted her, raised high a big, thick orderliness and brought it swinging down against the back of her head. Mama dropped. I saw her blood in the moonlight, angry and inglorious spilling fast. (pg. 26) Losing family was not the only devastating occurrences they endured. They were shackled together, stripped of their clothing, rarely fed and at times they were caged exchangeable wild animals and branded.Many did not make the trip to Sullivans Island. There was so much death due to the poor conditions they were forced to live in. Once they were bought by the slave owners the treatment of them became much worse. They did get clothing, a place to live and food in their stomachs but the beatings were more frequent. The female slaves, children to adult, were raped, told they were completely owned by their masters, and do to do unthinkable things, He owned my labor, but now he was bursting to own all of me. (pg. 61) The poor slaves could n ot have anything nice and if they did it must be hidden, as punishment their possessions would be taken from them, Your clothes, he said to me when I hesitated, he tore them off and threw them down into the pile that Georgia had brought. We have a law in the Province of South Carolina, he said Niggers dont dress grand. (pg. 176) either one of the slaves in the 1700s suffered so much and lost everything they once were. The amount of bravery it would have taken to survive as an African slave is unimaginable.They had to do whatever they could to stay alive. They had to hide their fear so they would not appear weak. Aminata made herself useful to everyone, from her fellow people to the white man. She put herself on the line, acting as a translator between her people and their captors, She deals his language, and she speaks Maninke. She instructed many Africans and saved them from beatings and humiliation. Being only 11 years old, Aminata was valuable to her master and her people. S he learnt as much as she could, she always kept her eyeball and ears open and her mouth shut.The African people did not dare question the toubab or bukra. The entire harbor is full of man vs. man conflict, the Africans constantly fighting for their freedom and the right to be treated care people by the white man. Aminatas persistence to learn and her hard work pay off for her. She is recognized as a useful person in society and finally treated not equal, but much better than her previous master had, You dont have to be claustrophobic to speak properly Meena, he said I already know that you can read and speak well. (pg. 88) In the denouement, Aminata earns her right as a respected African woman. She supports herself by teaching other African people how to read and catching babies. Word of her bravery travels, a lieutenant recruits her to help in put in a list of all African people wanting to go to Sierra Leone, a safe(p) haven for freed slaves. She is also asked to tell the st ory of her life, which would take a lot of courage to relive all the pain and suffering, to end slavery, The abolitionists say they have brought me to England to help them change the course of history. (pg. 2) after her constant involution throughout life Aminata gets the best reward she could ask for, her daughter sought her out and found her, The rain did not bother me. What were a few hours of standing in line? Mama, I have been time lag for years. (pg. 465) The Book of Negroes captures the emotional turmoil, hard ships, and bravery through perfect imagery. The emotional turmoil suffered by the African people is horrendous, they lost everything their family, friends and homes. They were treated so poorly.The hard ships they had to suffer through would make ones skin weirdo and stomachs turn. They lived in dreadful conditions, with the dying and dead, in rooms full of human waste. They were beaten and worked harder than any human should be. The African people had to be brave if they wanted to survive. They could not show any sign of impuissance in fear of what would happen to them, their family or friends. They had to use any means they could to survive such a terrifying time. The Fight for Freedom the Fight for Rights Mindy Godlien Mrs. McKay ELA30 November 5th, 2012

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Feasibility Analysis Executive Summary for a Video Store

limit Feasibility epitome Executive epitome . 2 transmission line Plan . 5 strategy put across favored8 Video Store . 7 work out Standards.. 1 Description of the Application . 12 Risk sagaciousness. 13 Feasibility Study. 14 Functional Requirements . 1 Non useable Requirements .. 22 Appendix A FSSD Financials . 23 Appendix B DFD 26 Appendix C ERD & Database Relationships .. 8 Appendix D frame Analysis Scheduling 31 Lucky8 Videos administration Feasibility Analysis Executive Summary The First State dust nonplus ingrowth team has created the following feasibility analysis for the Lucky8 Videos System Project. The System Request is accustomed, along with a detailed feasibility study. The highlights of the feasibility analysis embarrass Technical Feasibility ? Competition run a risk high ? Technological feasibility risk low ? address of materials risk medium ?Location feasibility risk medium Economic Feasibility ? monetary values and benefits evolution disbursement s include Developer salaries, server firmlyw be Operation Expenses include Maintenance salaries (servicemen/programmer discommodeshooters) Intangible benefits include winged service, more satisfactory ? values of hails/Benefits Estimated Development Expense $7500 ($2500 server + $5000 total development salary) Estimated operative Expense $700 maintenance fee Estimated Consumer-Related Expense $20,000 for each renting box (includes videodiscs, Blue-Ray, and Games) 2 ? gold Flow stratum 1 $8200 Year 2 $700 + ($20,000 * X) Year 3 $700 + ($20,000 * X) Year 4 $700 + ($20,000 * X) Year N $700 + ($20,000 * X) ? Net introduce Value (NPV) Current Redbox Competitor System Cost $15,000 each Redbox renting unit + $7000 merchandise $2 $20 per videodisc Computer Analyst Annual Salary $57,202 market Manager Annual Salary $90,000 500 1000 items in a Redbox machine $147,202 Redbox income DVD rental worth $1. 20 * X Blue-ray rental price $1. 50 * X Game rental price $2. 00 * X Luck y8 System Cost $20,000 each Lucky8 rental unit 3 Servicemen at $15,000/yr 1 System administrator at $56,000/yr $101,000Lucky8 income DVD rental price $1. 20 * X Blue-ray rental price $1. 50 * X Game rental price $2. 00 * X 3 Net Present Value = 147,202 101,000 = $46,202 Return on Investment (ROI) (147,202 101,000) / 101,000 = 0. 457 Break-even Point $8200 4 First State System Development Business Plan Description of FSSD A pioneer in comprehensive IT outsourcing since 2008, First State System Development (FSSD) is a plentiful-service IT consulting and outsourcing firm for professiones in and nearly Wilmington, Newark, and Philadelphia.Our clients represent a crosssection of all industries and rely on FSSD for m whatever different IT operate. However, their gather upments be the homogeneous technology must support their condescension and operate reliably. FSSD is sacred to delivering superior, enduring solutions that are the best match amid tune and infrastructure, imple mented by the best conscious consultants in the industry. Whatever your convey is, FSSD depart meet it with a gigantic selection of onsite and remote IT services that are forthcoming as pre-packaged programs or a la carte, and all under one roof.Comprehensive IT services, broad expertise, and dependable customer service are just some examples of the services we offer. FSSD expands your IT capabilities and resources dramatically and ensures that technology whole kit for you. FSSDs comprehensive IT services outsourcing is the perfect fit for our clients. Our broad expertise expands the IT capabilities of these companies, giving them technology that fits their crinkle and supports their tune success and growth. Our out sourcing program includes Networking, Business Application Development, Web Design, Support, Pr occurrenceive Care, and nyielding Customer Service. mart leaders in a wide range of industries rely on FSSD services and solutions to power their nigh sophisticated c omputing environments. Theres no escaping it technology is a necessity in todays business and critical to your business success. But how do you find the right IT solution and make it work for you? The good stark nakeds is that you dont save to be an IT expert to be in business. You dont even need an in-house IT section. all(prenominal) you need is FSSD Technologies. 5FSSD subscribe tos the worry out of IT management. Our comprehensive IT outsourcing, technology consulting, and managed IT services immediately broaden your IT capabilities, giving you the power and flexibility to handle any aspect of your technology needs. Are you ready to make technology work for you? Take a next look at how FSSD mickle help ? ? ? ? ? ? Outsourced IT Managed Services Software Solutions Technology Assessments Procurement Design & architecture Most companies today rely heavily on technology to keep their businesses manoeuverning.FSSDs clients are no exception, and they do have a distinct advan tage We ensure that their technology drives their business success. We pick up their business, and we ascertain technology. Combined, our knowledge enables us to customize and deliver sound, strategical IT solutions that function as part of our clients long-term business strategy. Our financial numbers speak for themselves in order to offer you with a clear root of t how FSSD has been growing in the last years. For that reason we are proud to share our comparative income argument and balance sheet with you. See appendix A) 6 System Request Lucky8 Video Store Project Sponsor Prem Tandon Business Need The goal for this project is to increase Lucky 8 Videos market share for icon and racy rentals by spreading rental carrells across the state. Business Requirements Customers of Lucky 8 Video get out be able to rent or buy DVD, Blu-ray and video game discs from a kiosk in their area. They will hence be able to return the rented disk to the same or a different rental kiosk. Se rvicemen will be able to up accompaniment the origin of available products in the machine. sales knowledge from each Lucky 8 machine will be remotely patrimonial back to a central information clay for analysis. individually rental kiosk will finish ? ? ? ? A touch screen interface An internal inventory of discs stored in cases A wireless transceiver for proceeding and information communication A software system for processing customer transactions Business Value We anticipate a wider customer base because of the ease of use and convenience of using our video rental kiosks. We also expect increase rentals at our video stores, due to the increased brand recognition.Conservative opines for the total benefits eitherplace the project lifespan ? ? ? ? $250,000 savings from faster service $180,000 reduction in labor costs $1,138,000 increased sales $220,500 total net cash flow 7 Special Issues or Constraints ? ? ? ? Regular inventory up meshings will be required to keep availabl e movies and games recent. The infobase of products in the machines will also need to be updated when new releases are added to the inventory. Rental kiosks locations will be limited to areas that receive wireless service. Customers will non be able to return disks to a machine that already has a full inventory.Roles and Responsibilities Name arrange Description of Responsibilities Project planning Project control Project communication Resource management familiar project reporting and administration. Andrew Shearer Project manager Oversees all aspects of the organizations quality or business improvement efforts, such as developing and administering the program, training and coaching employees, and facilitating change throughout the organization. Responsible for establishing strategic plans, policies, and procedures at all directs so quality improvement efforts will meet or exceed internal and external customers needs and expectations. Understands basic revenue models, p/l, and cost-tocompletion projections and makes decisions accordingly. Understand our pricing model and billing procedures. accurately forecasts revenue, profitability, margins, bill Alex GrierTechnical Analyst rates and utilization. Assures project legal documents are completed and signed. Tracks and reports team hours and expenses on a weekly basis. Manage project budget. Determine project roles of team members based on project requirements, timeframes and budget. When demand work with external contractors in addition to internal resources.Define skill sets (competencies) required for the project based on project specifications and requirements. Abram Watson Business Analyst Determine resource requirements (including rounding, software, hardware, and facilities) of projects, based on project specifications. Designing the participations Processes Business Analysis in IT Analyzing the Various Business Models Detailed homework 9 Business Advisors is someone who analyzes the Business Adv isor organization and design of businesses, government departments, and non-profit organizations BAs also assess business models and their integrating with technology.Wilson Hsu Systems Analysis Plan a system flow from the ground up. Interact with customers to learn and document requirements that are then utilize to produce business requirements documents. Write technical requirements from a critical phase. Interact with designers to understand software limitations. Esteban Solorzano Vivar Perform system testing. Deploy the completed system. Document requirements or contribute to user manuals. Whenever a development process is conducted, the system analyst is responsible for designing components and providing that information to the developer.Database Technical Help programmers during system development, ex provide use cases, flowcharts or even Database design. 10 Project Standards Documentation standards ? Project name, date created and/or modified should appear on the top of eac h document. ? 1. 5 spacing should be use ? Fonts must be Arial 12pts. ? Each document created shall be kept in the project binder tag Standards ? All variable names will have relevant names and be in brainless camel case. ? All Class names will be in camel case. ? The project will use object lens oriented design patterns. The scratch will be split between several different classes. ? Each class will have methods to divide the logic of the program. ? Comments will be added to all sections of code that need further explanation. Procedural standards ? All staff will require meeting e really Mondays at 1030 for the team meeting. ? A special team Meeting will be executed every commencement exercise Friday on the month. ? All changes must be approved by the project manager first prior to their execution. Specification requirements standards ? Name of software package. ? Technical description of the package. Purpose of software package. ? Due date User interface design standards ? All buttons will be en life-sizedd for use with a touchscreen. ? All text will be large enough for customers with vision impairments to see. ? A color scheme will be used thought-out the entire user interface. ? Returning to the main menu should take no more than two clicks. 11 Description of the Application The application allows customers to frequent through discs available in the machine. Customers are able to add movies and games to a shopping cart. The customer will be prompted to enter their zip code and email address.This information is used to send a receipt to the customer and for credit verification. The disks are then dispensed from the machine. 12 Risk Assessment Risk1 The creation and implementation of the database portion of the system may consume additional time resources due to the extensive amount of DVD, Blu-ray, and games in all their platforms. comparableliness of risk Medium possibility of risk. Potential impact on the project This will delay the computer progra mming part by 15 25%. Ways to address this risk Our team will remove one or two part-time employees in order to enter the information to the database temporarily.The payment of this staff would be assumed by FSSD with no additional charge to the customer. 13 Feasibility Study 1. lymph node Information. 1. 1. History and Background of the Organization. The organization is a fully functional video rental store by the name of Lucky 8. The business started as a family run business and has since expanded. Lucky 8 has been running(a) for a little over 6 years. Within those 6 years, the business has done exceedingly well, make enough profit to expand with 20 rental kiosks 1. 2. Description 1. 2. 1. The Organization. The organization is a fully functional video rental store by the name of Lucky 8.The business started as a family run business and has since expanded. Lucky 8 has been operational for a little over 6 years. Within those 6 years, the business has done exceedingly well, maki ng enough profit to expand with 20 rental kiosks. 1. 2. 2. The organizational Structure. ? The owner is considered the primary manager however, the responsibilities for managing the three stores are divided among crew members. Each Lucky 8 store also has an on-site assistant manager. Cashier, stock, and sales associates are on the same hierarchy level in the organizational structure. 14 1. 3.The Client Information All communications take place with the business owner, and all information regarding the project must be discussed with him. Any changes or additions to the project must be presented to the owner for approval, and he is solely responsible for the final acceptance criteria Owner Name Prem R. Tandon Contact enlarge Cell Phone Number 302-555-5555 E-Mail Address For documentation emailprotected edu Client Background Before go-ahead Lucky 8, the owner was the regional manager of Blockbuster in the Delaware Tri-State. He has no formal occurrences of life with regards to med ia or entrepreneurship. . The Business Problem Lucky 8 video store has been having a moderate but steady growth in recent years. However, due to the increasing growth of video platforms such as Netflix or OnDemand services provided by cable operators, many of the mayor video rental companies are resolution their doorsteps. A clear example of this trend is Blockbuster. However, not all are bad news. A new video rental system has been implemented in recent times with great success by the public. This is video rental kiosks. That is the technology strategy that Lucky 8 wants to target. 3.Proposed New System Lucky 8 video store currently has no system in place to monitor or provide the rental of DVDs, Blu-rays, or games trough kiosks. The proposed system would offer functionality in the areas of inventory management, order tracking, staff management, reporting, and current time data sharing between kiosks. A custom designed system will be built in JAVA for this user to meet his speci fic needs. Microsoft Access will be used as the organizations database. FSSD will also provide all the components in order to hit the first kiosk. The user will assume the 15 cost of additional kiosks he will require in the future.However, FSSD will provide the technical assistance to install the system in the new kiosk with no extra charge. 4. Feasibility Analysis 4. 1. Technical Feasibility 4. 1. 1. Competition risk high ? ? ? Redbox has an estimate of 33,000 kiosks across the country and has a well-established customer base. Redbox averages an estimate of 35,000 customers a day at their terminals. Blockbuster has been around since 1985. Blockbuster has an estimate of 10,000 rental kiosks across the country. However, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy September 23, 2010. 4. 1. 2. Technological feasibility risk low ? The technology is already on the market there should be no doubt this is feasible. You suffer actually bargain for pre-made rental kiosks online. 4. 1. 3. Cost of mat erials risk medium ? ? The rental kiosks are estimated to cost between 15,000 and 20,000. Companies like Redbox get a little over half their inventory from producers like Warner Brothers. However, they wager in a little under half their inventory from stores like Wal-Mart. The reason Redbox has resorted to buying from chains like Wal-Mart is due to the fact that producers like Warner Brothers have been trying to regulate and restrict access to movies for Redbox. Due to the fact that buying merchandise from chains like Wal-Mart, KMart, or any other seller that has a large inventory is possible, getting our merchandise wont be a problem 16 4. 1. 4. constancy feasibility risk low ? For companies like Redbox who have an estimate of 33,000 kiosks their cost of maintenance and labor is very expensive and tedious. However, for a small start-up company like you the cost of maintenance wont be too high. ? ? You can actually purchase pre-made rental kiosks online. One or two servicemen will be required to keep the kiosks up to date 4. 1. 5. Location feasibility risk medium ?Since the idea of DVD rental kiosks, the locations in which theyve been placed have benefitted a great deal because of them. The kiosks bring in business for grocery stores, McDonalds, Walgreens, and many other franchises across the country. ? ? Because of the profitability of having a kiosk on your front door step these franchises offer their space for free. The only risk is Redbox is in numerous locations and stores may be hard pressed to accept your kiosk over a renowned Redbox. 4. 2. Economic Feasibility See attached spread sheet for economic feasibility analysis. 4. 3.Organizational Feasibility It is concerned with determining whether the business itself has sufficient skills and resources to bring their product or service to the market table successfully. a) Three Primary Factors ? Management Expertise ? acceptability ? Resources 17 b) Management Ability ? Andrew Shearer displays a management prowess that is requisite for this position and is firmly consecrate to the completion of this project. ? Andrew Shearer has worked on numerous projects similar to the build of this with an outstanding success rate. We have no trouble appointing him as a fit candidate for this project. ) Resource Allocation ? Nonfinancial Resources ? ? ? ? ? ? Three Lucky 8 home stores. Large media collection. Well versed in media sales. Established cliental base. Available office space. Likelihood of establishing complaisant strategic partnerships is high. ? Financial Resources ? ? ? Numerous liquid assets. Minimum $1,000,000 budget for expansion. Steady profits. d) Acceptability. ? If we build it, will they come? ? The users of the system have already expressed a strong beguile in the implementation of a kiosk come as you please based system.The implementation of Redbox kiosks nationwide has brought mountainous profitability to not only the business, but the proximity business owners. Why not Lucky 8? ? Very convenient for consumers who are already on their way to a local store like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or computer storage Rite. ? Our $1 rental price is much cheaper than other media rental stores. 18 ? Concerns ? If a kiosk is full you must drive to another kiosk or wait for open availability ? ? Credit wag or debit card access is required Summary ? The advantage we have is that the idea has already been produced and yielded success, so how can we fail?The benefits of the project far outweigh the risks. If we build it they will come. 19 Lucky8 Cost Benefit Analysis 4/18/2012 2012 Benefits Faster Service Increased Convenience Increased Sales union Benefits Development Costs 1 Server $2500 Development Salary Total Development Cost available Costs 3 Servicemen $15,000 /yr 1 System Administrator $56,000 /yr Total Operational Cost Consumer-Related Costs 20 Rental Boxes $400,000 Total Consumer-Related Cost Total Costs Total Benefits Total Costs Cumulative Net Cash F low Return on Investment(ROI) Break-even Point 31. 18% 3. 32 years 013 $50,000 $45,000 $130,000 $225,000 2014 $50,000 $45,000 $161,000 $256,000 2015 $50,000 $45,000 $192,000 $287,000 2016 $50,000 $45,000 $225,000 $320,000 Total $250,000 $180,000 $708,000 $1,138,000 $2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $0. 00 $2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $56,000 $56,000 $45,000. 00 $56,000 $101,000 $45,000. 00 $56,000 $101,000 $45,000. 00 $56,000 $101,000 $45,000. 00 $56,000 $101,000 $180,000. 00 $280,000 $460,000 $400,000. 00 $400,000. 00 $463,500 ($463,500) ($463,500) $0. 00 $0. 00 $101,000 $124,000 ($339,500) 0. 00 $0. 00 $101,000 $155,000 ($184,500) $0. 00 $0. 00 $101,000 $186,000 $1,500 $0. 00 $0. 00 $101,000 $219,000 $220,500 $400,000 $400,000 $867,500 $270,500 20 Functional Requirements 1. Search and Browse 1. 1. The System will allow customers to browse movie/game choices by predefined categories 1. 2. The System will allow customers to sea rch for movie/game chooses by title, maker and genre. 1. 3. The System will allow customers to see s short sample of a movie/game selection. 1. 4. The System will enable customers to add game/movie to a favorites list. Purchase 2.Purchase 2. 1. The System will enable customers to create a customer account that will store customer data and payment information 2. 2. The System will enable customers to specify the game/DVD to rent/purchase 2. 3. The System will collect and verify payment information. Once payment is verified the machine will eject DVD/Game 3. Promote 3. 1. The system will keep track of customer interest on the basis of previous searches and will use this information to promote DVDs/Games during future visits 3. 2. Marketing department can create promotions and specials on the Web site. . 3. Based on customers previous purchases, DVD/Game chooses can be targeted to the customer on future visits to the Website. 3. 4. On the basis of customer interests, customers can be n otified of special offers on DVD/Games that can be purchased at a reduced rate. 21 Nonfunctional Requirements 1. Operational 1. 1. The Digital database will be constructed to facilitate searches by title, genre, publishers and series 1. 2. In the event of a failure during a transaction the customer will be able to start over. 2. capital punishment 2. 1.Database/transaction speeds will be monitored and kept at an acceptable operating level. 2. 2. Browsing speed should take no more then 10-20 seconds. 3. Security 3. 1. Customer information will be secured 3. 2. Payment information will be encrypted and secured. 3. 3. Customers will not have access to encrypted information(other customers previous searches and account information) 4. Cultural and semipolitical 4. 1. An additional language will be provided if necessary for Spanish speaking customers. (Espanol) 22 Appendix A FSSD Financials 23 FSSD Income Statement Year 2008 2011 Income StatementRevenue Consulting Fees Network Design Fees Software Design Fees Total Revenue Expense Advertising Cost of Goods Sold Labor Cost of Goods Sold Hardware Depretiation Income Tax Expense insurance policy Interest Expense different Expenses Payroll Expenses Profesional Expenses Rent Repairs & Maintance Salaries & Wages Utilities Total Expenses Net Income 45,765 129,874 178,956 17,895 7,896 12,462 15,792 67,529 67,487 25,045 38,000 7,894 148,645 25,841 789,081 66,343 68,945 158,478 297,456 29,854 8,412 49,045 28,745 112,456 124,529 38,045 48,000 9,845 248,512 48,562 1,270,884 165,057 97,458 74,895 359,126 45,987 11,046 15,123 42,045 115,621 152,456 32,556 105,000 16,456 359,784 58,741 1,586,294 204,046 97,805 209,563 489,954 67,235 25,987 18,564 59,785 156,254 249,563 41,856 120,000 29,874 584,126 78,456 2,229,022 385,858 210,485 287,454 357,485 855,424 405,673 397,812 632,456 1,435,941 546,512 468,974 774,854 1,790,340 789,056 678,945 1,146,879 2,614,880 2008 2009 2010 2011 24 FSSD comparative BALANCE SHEET YEARS 2008-2 011Cash Accounts Receivable Notes Receivable Other Receivables Inventory Securities Total Current Assets 2008 ASSETS 53,039 192,484 882 25,363 23,539 5,000 300,307 2009 18,382 195,112 139 35,304 30,876 10,000 289,813 2010 130,442 206,395 2,965 27,143 20,158 20,000 407,103 2011 59,788 270,606 clxxv 32,789 16,116 25,000 404,474 Fixed Assets ALLOWANCE FOR depretiation Net Fixed Assets Investment Miscelaneus Receivables Differes Charges Other Assets Total Assets 16,601 (179,370) 237,231 537,538 LIABILITIES 92,168 20,037 54,505 6,572 173,282 1,000 174,282 34,075 15,000 191,788 240,863 537,538 440,116 (212,915) 267,639 557,452 529,554 (261,915) 267,639 674,742 589,509 (320,463) 269,046 673,520 Accounts Payable Notes Payable Other Payables Accruals Total Current Liabilities Deferred Liabilities Other Liabilities Total Liabilities Profit Common Stock Retained Earnings/ redundancy Total Equity Total Liability + Equity 88,022 22,785 39,601 2,558 152,966 3,000 155,966 15,819 15,000 201,196 23 2,015 516,984 47,376 27,764 34,399 34,110 243,649 4,000 247,649 80,366 15,000 260,631 355,997 674,742 106,380 25,101 83,714 15,540 230,735 10,000 240,735 57,400 15,000 309,866 382,266 673,520 25 Appendix B DFD 26 27 Appendix C Relationships ERD & Database 28 29 30 Appendix D Scheduling System Analysis 31 ID Project Name Days Start End 1-Feb 8-Feb 15-Feb 22-Feb 29-Feb 7-Mar 14-Mar 21-Mar 28-Mar 4-Apr 11-Apr 18-Apr 25-Apr 2-May 1. 0 Development Schedule Planning Phase Project Initiation Project Management 91 1-Feb 2-May 1. 1 1. . 1 1. 1. 2 27 11 16 1-Feb 1-Feb 10-Feb 28-Feb 12-Feb 26-Feb 1. 2 1. 2. 1 1. 2. 2 1. 2. 3 Analysis Phase Analysis system Requirements Gathering System Proposal 19 5 9 5 28-Feb 28-Feb 4-Mar 13-Mar 18-Mar 4-Mar 13-Mar 18-Mar 1. 3 1. 3. 1 1. 3. 2 1. 3. 3 1. 3. 4 Design Phase Design Strategy Architecture Design Database & File Speculations programme Design 26 1 8 8 9 18-Mar 18-Mar 19-Mar 27-Mar 4-Apr 13-Apr 19-Mar 27-Mar 4-Apr 13-Apr 1. 4 1. 4. 1 Implementation S ystem Construction 19 19 13-Apr 13-Apr 2-May 2-May 32