Sunday, September 8, 2019

Public Safety Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Public Safety Management - Research Paper Example In eliminating these problems and heightening the performance of the public safety department, a leader needs to move back and forth between the four styles identified by Hersey & Blanchard in their situational leadership model. A leader capacity to offer support for the workers depends on his or her capacity to offer a motivating environment. In this context, employees should receive support and coaching needed to carry out their tasks, this would build morale among the workers. This hands-off approach employed by a situational leader with committed and highly skilled workers can motivate the workers to work at their full capacity. A situational leader offers a supportive work environment to workers of every skill level. Employing this leadership approach can increase workers morale, and create a productive working environment. The basic assumption of situational leadership is that leaders have to adjust their style to the maturity of the follower depending on the readiness and will ingness to carry out the required duties (Mackay, 2007). There exist four styles of leadership that accompany the four combinations of low/high willingness and readiness. The four styles suggest that leaders should put less or greater attention on the task (task orientation) in question and/or the relationship between the follower and the leader (relationship orientation). The leader efficacy in this case would result from employing a behavioral style that is fitting to the environmental demands to increase morale, lessen or diminish hostility and discrimination, and reduce or diminish ill treatment of minority groups. According to the situation leadership framework, the leader’s effectiveness would result from employing a behavioral style that is fitting to the work... The paper tells that the type of budget management approach suitable for this case is the participative or bottom up approach. In the participative approach, employees are normally more readily to accept the budget, morale is also improved, and the budget input is offered by numerous persons. The budget process is normally initiated by the top management using general budget guideline, nonetheless, it is the lower level personnel’ that drive the budget development for their particular units. Connecting the budget to the entire corporate strategy as represented by numerous key business drivers would also be an advantageous budget. In using the linking approach, it is much more complex for leaders to twist the budget as they wish because this clearly weakens the organizational strategy. When all the available funds are allocated into the targeted activities, it becomes clear when someone tries to redirect funds into the development of unnecessary areas. Incorporating business dr ivers into the budget also tends to decrease the duration needed to complete the budget as less time is spent on budgeting minutia and political battles. The personnel issues relating to promotions and race relations would be addressed by barrier-elimination measures to get rid of or change discriminatory practices against the minority groups, and also positive or special measures, which can eliminate the residue for past discrimination especially for the minority group.

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