Friday, August 9, 2019

Design the telecommunications network to support a new multi-location Essay

Design the telecommunications network to support a new multi-location practice - Essay Example The use of latest networking tools has transformed the overall world particularly business areas. At the present, organizations have much faster, accurate and enhanced ways for business and corporate management. This paper presents communication network specification for a Dental Office. In this scenario I will recommend a new network technology and data sharing method for better management of the corporate areas. Requirements for the Network I have presented below some of the requirements for new network technology implementation at corporation: Offering better communication services at corporation Establishment of effective data sharing environment Offering secure data access points for communication Establishment of better communication facility Offering remote access to network Offering remote data transfer and access mechanism Implementing new and enhanced data communication framework Offering better data safety and access points Implementing enhanced capability of data handling Developing better data handling mechanism Suitable data backup and recovery mechanism Superior data transfer speed Effective user management Tight security login and access methods Network Information and Data Need Security In this network establishment main sensitive data that we have is about the Dental Clinic clients (patients). This data needs to be secured for superior management and corporate security and privacy. This link of data can include: Patient name Patient address Patient content Patient financial details Patient medial details Patient medical history Patient personal and sensitive information Patient funds transfer information Besides we also have some of the important information regarding doctors and other clinic staff. In this scenario we have a lot of details regarding staff working and financial information that can be extremely sensitive: Staff Person name Staff Person address Staff Person content Staff Person financial details Staff Person job details Staff P erson working history Staff Person personal and sensitive information Staff Person salary and financial transfers details In addition, this new corporate network and database will also keep some sensitive information regarding Dental Clinic itself. I have outline below some of the important aspects that will be kept by network database for the business: Business financial information Business staff details Business tax details Business revenue information Business assistants details Business daily working schedule Network Specification For analyzing the needs and requirements of Dental Clinic business and operational capabilities required by corporation I would suggest a new and effective network arrangement for the business. For this network development, I would suggest the implementation of VPN (virtual private network). In this scenario, a virtual private network (VPN) is a network arrangement that makes use of a public telecommunication arrangement, like that internet, to offer remote offices or individual clients through protected access to their organization's communication network. In addition, the basic goal of a VPN is to offer the business the similar potentials however at a much lower cost

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