Thursday, July 25, 2019

For Profit Healthcare Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

For Profit Healthcare Organization - Essay Example Supervisory management is there to allocate work to individual employees and groups of employees and is there to ensure that the assigned tasks are carried out. The top management makes decisions with the help of middle and supervisory management. There is a collaborative environment in the hospital (Sentara Healthcare). Collaborative environment means that the management shows interest towards the problems and issues of employees and also work for their betterment. Employees are given rewards for their good performance and for bad performance, they are also punished. The management of the hospital considers employees as its assets and acknowledges their contribution towards the advancement of the hospital. The internal environment of the hospital is disciplined as the employees have to follow certain rules and regulations that are known to them. In case the rules and regulations are disregarded, the employees have to face the consequences. According to the hospital management, for the betterment of a hospital environment, the rules should be followed by all the employees to ensure that the hospital remains well-reputed in people’s view. The safety of patients is also a major concern of the hospital (About Sentara Healthcare 2008). The patients are also asked to follow the particular rules that are designed for them such as the meeting timings and medicinal timings. The inner environment is structured in a format according to which, the employees are required to remain disciplined. The management is also interested in the behaviors of employees towards the patients. The management makes sure that the patients are dealt with patience and care. A collaborative environment is there due to which, employees help each other and consult with supervisory management in case of any problems or issues. As far as external environment is concerned, the

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